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Haven't eaten properly in nearly 2 weeks.

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I feel like I'm fucking dying.

I went on fluoxetine on 25th July and holyshit my appetite has just been plummeting since then. It went to forcing one meal down myself and snacks throughout the day, to having a meal every two days, to having half a meal every two days, and now I'm just surviving mainly on like one bar of chocolate a day because it's the only thing I can stomach. Not healthy for me I know but the thought of anything else makes me feel like I'm gonna fucking puke. The last proper meal I had was 3 days ago, little James had a Happy Meal from Mcdonalds. Honestly though I feel so ill. (Warning: TMI) the lack of food has fucked my digestive system, so I've got diarrhea and my stomach is in agony and even one bite of a chocolate bar this morning made me literally wanna throw it back up.

I've come off the fluoxetine. I stopped taking it. I didn't take it this morning because at first the not eating was okay (I felt fucking superhuman being able to go and go and go without any food - okay maybe the antidepressant triggered manic symptoms in the first week) but now I just can't do it anymore. I get overcome with this absolutely awful feeling that I'm sure people here are familiar with... when your stomach is absolutely empty and probably digesting itself and you just feel like you're dying. That's how I felt tonight.

Hopefully my appetite will come back within a few days (I fucking hope, I'm going to collapse soon if it doesn't). But until then I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to cope with this (not encouraging people to be pro-ana or anything, but some tips on how you guys actually handle not eating for long periods of time would be great, just to get me through it). Any types of food that are particularly easy to eat during the nauseous "I'M DYING" stage where you feel like you have to get someting down you but you just feel far too ill to eat?

Thanks :/
Kaz x


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Have you tried drinking suppliments, periasure, even gatorade to make sure you replace your electrolytes...also did you speak to your MD to tell him/her of the reaction you had to the medication? Please do so and try to eat very small portions...I also lost my appetite from a medication and had to eat handfuls of food very often to get back to tolerating larger amts...J


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I'm going to be going back to my doctor soon to talk about the fact I've came off fluoxetine and why. I think I might be able to eat I just have to have really, REALLY strong willpower... Force myself... Ugh it's so hard though. :/


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Hi kazine,


Well, blimey.. I am sorry to hear you are going through this because of that medicine.. :( What an alarming side effect.. :(

I wish you the best in recovery, and hope your appetite comes back as soon as possible!

Take care,

When you're not eating much, your body can usually tolerate boring carbohydrates easier. I usually go for mashed potatoes, pasta, or rice. Watered-down Gatorade or other sports drink can help with replacing electrolytes.

I also lost my appetite when I went on fluoxetine, but it came back after the drug leveled out in my system (by about 6 weeks). Now I'm really liking the fluoxetine, 'cause it helps keep me from getting stuck in a swirling, sucking eddy of despair. Good luck with the meds.


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Take a long walk - and then you will come back and feel hungry enough to eat maybe a piece of wholemeal toast with a couple of scrambled eggs - maybe bacon if you eat meat.

Buy some bananas also - easy to eat - and very good for you - actually fruit is perhaps as good as meds in some ways - it makes you 'high' in a subtle sense.

Also - take some vitamin sups.

I lost weight on meds - and so I stopped taking them as they made me actually miserable anyhow.

I've just eaten some fried rice with egg - chips - and a couple of tuna-fish sandwiches - made with freshly baked bead - because I like to bake my own - or buy those 'half baked' bread rolls.

I think nutritional food is important.

I think many people get depressed due to eating junk foods - easy food - lazy food.

Good luck!

Eat well!
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