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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Limbobway, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Limbobway

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    i got a call from one of my sisters and she was telling me that a guy that we kind of grew up with had a heart attack at 37. i just have been thinking that why do people that want to stay in this life have things like this happen and people who just want it all to be over have to suffer through life? why do people care so much if someone wants to end their life or if someone just wishes they could have the heart attack instead of the cancer instead?
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    First, people care because of the value of life. I just finished responding in another post about caring and feeling sad about someone's death, so I won't repeat it... but life is very valuable. Let's say you have a Ferrari and you love the car and one day you find that you cannot support it any longer and you have to sell it. You are sad, but that is the way things go. One day, you may be in a position again to afford another fun cool car. LIFE is not like that. Once gone, it's gone. There's no replacing, there's no recovering, there's no changing mind.

    I understand that you can't fathom why it would matter to someone, but I can honestly say that I cannot fathom why anyone would not be sad or feel affected by the death of anyone around them. People die every day and we don't know about it, but we know they do and we accept that. It doesn't mean we are happy about it. When someone dies at 37, I feel very badly. They had many years ahead of them and it's sad that they'll miss out - I care because I care about other people and I have only love for everybody.

    Surviving is always worth the fight. I'm not trying to imply that if I had a horrible and painful disease that I would not wish for death too (I might... in fact, I recall pre-surgery a few times when very ill when I did say to myself that I was in so much pain I'd rather die... but I got better and am glad I didn't).
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    Ive watched my mum dad and many friends die of cancer also seen ppl loose thier children not nice.We are given a life so we need to make the best of what we have as we never know what could happen.To end it short is not right as many fight to stay alive.
    Takecare and if ya feeling down we always here and understand
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