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Having a Breakdowm

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I been a bit overstressed lately, worried about money, my exams and petty stuff too lame to talk about.
Today was a particular slow day and when I can't manage to keep myself busy I just start to linger into annoying thoughts.
I actually am glad to relieve some of this pressure with tears, but I wondered into the idea that I'm lonely cuz I choosed too, and that my invisible emotional baggage is too big for me to carry anymore and I just don't notice it until is already all over the way.
I'm not sure what I'm trying to say, the thing is, sometimes I find myself thinking about stuff I believed was a thing of the past, and it just happens that it still remains silently, because I'm too lazy to take care of things by now.
I have so much to do and I just don't want to do anything, and now I can't do nothing but cry about stuff.
And then again,tomorrow is going to be the same as yesterday and nothing much would have changed, I just hope that by then I will feel a bit less shitty than today.


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Im sorry you're feeling overwhelmed. I understand having too much to do... so you just become frozen and end up doing nothing. The weight of too many expectations placed on you.

I feel that. Can you just block out all the other thoughts. and only focus on one task at a time? If you fail at first its okay. One day at a time? Forgive yourself. Mental illness is a tough war to fight daily. *hug
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