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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by alisonishopeless, Apr 12, 2014.

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  1. Thoughts of how I'm gonna kill myself tonight. I just wish I had a friend I could call. But if i did have a friend, what would I say? That I'm a loser? That Im useless and the world is better without me in it? It just sounds so desperate..like I am hoping someone would say. No that's not true.
    But it wouldn't be sincere. You all only say that because I am solicitating those remarks. I wish I had someone who cared about me. But instead I am home alone. In bed on a Saturday night. No friends. No family no money. Nothing. It seems so pointless to even go on. I just want someone to care about me. I am sick of being alone I can't take it anymore. There is no hope. Its over for me
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    there IS HOPE you just cannot see it for the darkness you are in You have reached out here and i hear you You are not alone ok and i care YOU are NOT a loser you are someone that is suffering and someone that needs care and understanding
  3. Thank you for reaching out to me. It is nice to know that someone has heard me. I just want something more..I want someone to love again.. I am afraid and alone...I just want to be loved. I feel so out of place. I am an outcast..at church, at the local bar, even at the grocery store...so alone its pathetic
  4. PinkiePieInTheSky

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    I wouldn't still be alive if I didn't believe that there is hope somewhere out there.

    Have you tried distracting yourself? Watching something funny (if you've got a good internet connection, you might like any of the Mystery Science Fiction Theater 3000 episodes on YouTube), walk around outside, if it's a safe option.

    Call 1-800-SUICIDE. Or go on the Chat Room here, it helps me when I'm feeling down.

    EDIT: It sounds like you think you are being a bother by talking to people; I'm assuming that means you haven't talk to many people about your pain. In that case, you can't be a burden, because you haven't even begun to speak.
    But I'd highly suggest speaking.

    And as you can see, we care about you. We wouldn't reply to your post if we didn't ;)
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  5. MisterBGone

    MisterBGone Well-Known Member

    Hey there! I'm sorry you're having a terrible time tonight... I think I know that feeling (or something similar). It sounds like you could maybe use a change in scenery, but I know that this is not always possible, or desired. In any case, feel free to express yourself to me--or anyone else on here--in any way that makes you most comfortable... Sometimes: it can help! :)
  6. Ty mrb. Its good to hear from u...I just feel like I am alone again. Night after night...no one care I have no one to be there for me...going to bed alone..waking up alone seems like a cruel punishment...I am sorry that my fiance died..how could God be so cruel? Why must I live this nightmare day after day with no end in sight? Why are my friends so happy? And I am thinking of ways to end
  7. I try distractions. My mind is too strong yo let me forget..I envision cutting my wrists..it just pops into my head even if I don't think I am thinking about it...it is truly hopeless.
    maybe I should just accept the fact that I will be unhappy for the rest of my life
  8. Unknown_111

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    Hi There, you are not burden here. You have guts to post for help. The loss of someone is really hard to deal with. We all think there is no point in living by a day day basis. But you will find someone eventually, it's a matter of time.

    You think nobody cares but trust a lot of people do care on this forum. So do not think you are alone here, just remember we all go through are own crisis. Please speak to someone or just keep posting here. Take care
  9. MisterBGone

    MisterBGone Well-Known Member

    The tragedy that you have had to endure must be agonizing! I cannot begin to imagine myself in your shoes. I don't have any clue how you're supposed to get over this type of trauma. Is there any thing that you could possibly see yourself doing in the future? Some sort of alternate dream, perhaps career wise, that you may aspire to achieve? I'm just thinking that that's what might give me meaning again--to focus on a different path (something of supreme interest to me). Though I'd be willing to bet that right now: it's just so very difficult to breathe. My hope for you is that little by little, one day at a time, it gets a bit easier...
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