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Having a hard time

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Certain things have happened, that I did, which I'm not proud off, but I'm having a hard time forgiving myself for it. I can't talk about it, because it would just make the problem bigger. I don't know what to do, I don't want to loose that little sanity I still have.


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Whatever you did, is done...you cannot change that...all you can do is learn for the future and vow to try to not have it happen again, as it is bringing you such distress...we are all so imperfect...so far from any assemblance of an ideal...this is good in a way, because it allow us to set our boundaries for accepting ourselves and others within a realistic framework...I wish I had a penny for each time I have stepped off the planet...would never have to work again...please continue to try to forgive yourself...and move on from there...big hugs, Jackie
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