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having a semi crisis

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ok so i define a crisis and going to die shortly,

i got three days, i trying to not drink anything, no water no juice no food,

my head hurts, if i bought some medicine to remove the ache i would take too much to try to end my life and that would be more of a crisis,

but maybe tomorrow i will go on a long bike ride without water :) that might do it, hopefully no one notices me pass out, hmm well my plan has got some serious flaws :( <Mod Edit, WildCherry>

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Yes something better would be to call for help go to hospital let them know how sad y ou are call your doctor get on some meds to help you feel better time to heal you okay not harm you hugs


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Riding the bike is a good idea - but take plenty of fluids. Riding gets your heart rate up, produces adrenalin, and shows you how you can overcome challenges. Usually at the end of a good long ride, I have an exhausted smile on my face.

I don't know the reasons why you are faced with a 3 day time frame, but I know it must be a significant situation. Sometimes on huge hills, I have to get off the bike and walk the rest of the way up. I hate to do it - very much so - but it is the alternative I have when I can't turn the chain another revolution.


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well, i failed, i like to try to kill myself by getting dehydrated, i had not drank any water for almost 14 hours then i went on a 50 mile ride, lol and i hadden't eaten much just like a bag of chips, but you get so thirsty, next time i get suicidal i must think of a quicker way,

cold apple juice is so amazing when u are so dehydrated your tounge sticks to your teeth,

i really really need to find a better way to end my life!

well it will be at least a month before i get acutely suicidal again,

why don't i own any guns :( why cannot i find the courage to jump off a bridge, why cannot i jump in front of a car, why cannot i learn to start cutting, ok cutting sounds way to painful,
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