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Having Another Fantasy

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So I figured I have not used any database space on this forum in a while. I have been finding it difficult to find the words to help console others on here. So I have just been lurking. Anyway, tonight for some reason I cannot fall asleep. I keep on thinking and having another one of my suicidal fantasies.

Really this one comes from me being curious. So my plan would be simple really I would put a sign on my garage door that says "Suicide In Progress Do Not Disturb". Then close the garage door making sure the opener is on the other side. Then I would get into my car, start-up a stopwatch, then start my car. I wonder if anyone would save me or take my note seriously? I would of course do this during a time when I know people would be walking past my garage. I would wonder who would push the button?

You see because I am a computer guy and have all sorts of fun technology. I could do all sorts of things to get peoples attention. For instance, after 2 hours I could have my phone send a text message to my family saying they should see if I am still alive or not. That would be fun since I never know when my mom is going to be out-of-town and my sisters live in different parts of the country.

I could also set up a surveillance camera. That way I could record how many people just blissfully drove by or walked by. It would be a wonderful study no? Hell I could have my family sell it to the news. What fun it would be right? I mean the worst thing that could happen would be I keep living right?

Anyway, hopefully this will help me sleep a bit. I have no intention of finding out the answer to this question anytime soon. I need to enjoy the results of my personal training for at least another year before I do something like that . Maybe I won't have a garage next year. Who knows, either way I just need to get this fantasy out of my head. That way I can be less sleep deprived.
well it definitely would be interesting but you are going about this quite differently. Do you think your family would be very happy about this? even if it was a joke or a study.

it would be interesting to set up the sign and the button and the camera and just see who exactly would try to help and you wouldn't be trying to kill yourself.

I think this is quite a bad idea in my opinion :/ don't do anything rash my friend. Talk it out man.


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I'm glad that's just a fantasy FM
it could go horribly wrong to say the least:sad:

we don't want you hurting yourself at all

perhaps think about the horror that would cause anyone reading the note on the door? especially your family?

the worst thing that could happen?
you wouldn't die but would be brain damaged
someone finding you could have a serious heart attack or something from the stress and they'd die
if you didn't die I think your family would want to kill you anyway for doing that to them :sad:
and I don't think the police would think much of it either

I know I'm the biggest pessimist out

any hoo!!
thank heavens it's only a fantasy



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@IV2010: Yeah knowing my luck someone would save me right before I died. Oh well, I guess being brain damaged would not be too bad. As long as I am not really aware of who I am.

To be honest I think that with the whole emo crowd. The only person who might feel something at seeing the sign would be the person who found me dead. However, I guess for now it is only a fantasy.

@SomepersonAlex: You misunderstand, I would not be faking killing myself. I would actually be going through with it. I actually believe my family would be happy to get rid of me. After all, the black sheep is annoying when you have to convince it it give up its fleece.


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Oh, aye! What a wonderful thing to do, make a joke out of something as serious as suicide!

Humour may be good for the soul, but there are limits and boundaries that one just should NOT cross with it! :grr:
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