Having children and depression

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    I'm not currently planing about having children at the moment, but I've been thinking about that.
    I'm in a commited relantionship and I would really like to start a family with her, but it scares me to death the possibility that my children may be born with depression, I hate this disease, would not wish it upon my worst enemy, so just knowing that my children could share some of the feelings I've experienced breaks my heart, I really don't know if I'm being selfish or just realistic.

    My family, on my mothers side, as a long story of depression, my mother is depressed, 2 of my aunts are also depressed, one of them actually tryed suicide a couple of times, my grandmother was depressed, my great grandfather was an alcohoolic that commited suicide, so it's not too far fetched to think he also had depression.

    I would just like to hear some opinions about it, it's sad to say, but I wished so many times that my mother decided not to have kids, that I haven't been born, don't get me wrong I love my mother and I never blamed her for anything, but I just wished I had never been born sometimes

    It's not just the fact of having kids, it is also about raising them, I'm scared that depression get's worse and I would not be able to give them the love that they deserve :(
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