Having one of those moments...

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  1. *dilligaf*

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    ...Where I don't know what is wrong with me. I have been hyper all day and then about an hour ago i crashed. I'm low at the moment, but I can tell that it will end up getting worse before it gets better :sad:

    I actually cried over Wendy Richards dying :unsure: How sad is that :blink: News story here. Like someone said to me earlier, I don't think it was cos of her as a person, but because of the whole subject of Death. Didn't help that she died from cancer and was roughly the same age as my Nan too :sad:

    My head is doing all the stupid stuff that it loves so much. I feel like screaming at myself. I KNOW that it is all nonsense - yet I still think it. It's like there are two parts of my brain fighting for control. Why does the stupid side win most of the time :sad:

    Then I found the photo album I brought my Nan. Put a note in it saying "I've filled the alst 15 years, you do the next 15" - she didn't even last a year :sad: :cry:

    There's more but I would be here all night *sigh*
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  2. itmahanh

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    Hey we all have our "moments". Hope you are able to ride this one out and come out on the other side feeling a little better. Hugs and kisses to help you get through it sam.
  3. helena

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    Yeah, I too think it's like, "normal"....and for sure the subject must have triggered you, and than you look at all similarities and there you have all ingredients to bring you down.
    Beeing hyper all day costs a lot of energy too and mostly the moment comes when it's like your body and mind turn empty.
    I wish you better days, hope you manage to deal with it and you begin to feel better soon.
    Take good care of you
  4. Stranger1

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    Hey Sam, have you talked to your doctor about mood swings?? I suffer from them abd take meds for them. The meds help keep me level and if I miss a dose I do the same as you swinging from being o.k. to being really down..When I get back on track the meds make me get up and then I crash..After i go thru that I level back out.. Something to think about...Discuss it with your doctor...Take care!!
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    :hug: is ok huni your allowed it :hug: