having suicidal thoughts due to visa issue

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by anonymous314, Jul 7, 2016.

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  1. anonymous314

    anonymous314 New Member

    I came to US 9 years ago to start a new life. I earned my PhD from a top tier University in Physics. I worked as a postdoc for a couple of years and my fellowship was suspended due to expiration of my visa. I applied for a new visa 8 months ago. USCIS will not tell me how long it will take to process my visa. I have been offered a very prestigious fellowship in the US but it is incumbent on getting a visa.

    If the visa issue is not resolved soon I will loose my postdoc fellowship and my career will be ruined. I know how senseless it must sound, but I cannot go back to my country and start a new life from scratch. I have been talking to congressional representatives and I am loosing hope very fast.

    I know I came here on a non-immigrant visa and I have no right to stay here if the US government does not want me to stay. However, my visa is not even denied, it is just taking too long and the only reply I get from USCIS is that it is within the normal processing time. Nobody will tell me what the normal processing time is. It has already been 8 months. I talked to lawyers, employees dealing with the visa issue, nobody is able to do anything to influence the all powerful USCIS.

    I know my mistake was that my whole life was about being a physicist. Now that is being taken away from me I have nothing to live for.
  2. SillyOldBear

    SillyOldBear Teddy Bear Fanatic Staff Alumni

    Welcome to America, the land of red tape that slows everything down and ruins lives. But this is really insane. There are not that many physicists around. And a mind that can understand physics is a special mind indeed. Please keep trying. Hound those bloody politicians. Get them to do their job. We need you here.
  3. anonymous314

    anonymous314 New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I do not want to die but I see no option. I will be going to the congressperson's office tomorrow and USCIS field office next week. But I am loosing all hope. USCIS has become more powerful than any politician.

    All my American friends have been very supportive but they cannot help me. I hope someone on this forum will sooner on later understand how cruel the USCIS is right now and put some pressure on politicians to reform the system. At least I have the easy way out because I do not have wife or children. Imagine the misery of a person who is married and has children. He/She does not even have the easy way out the way I have.
  4. Unknown_111

    Unknown_111 Forum Buddy Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Welcome to the forum. We can give the emotional support you need in this tough period of your life.
  5. Huw

    Huw Well-Known Member

    It's called fear of the unknown and is a common fear. You've experienced it before, but this time, it seems to be seriously influencing you. Although it might not be apparent to you at the moment, but this experience will be useful to you in some way. That is if you learn from it.
    Worrying does not and has not ever changed a thing. The options you have are simple. Worry all the day long to no avail. Or stop worrying in the knowledge you are wasting time and energy.
  6. mabc

    mabc New Member

    I feel exactly like you. I have been in the US paying taxes and following the rule for 8 years now. I got my PhD from a top 5 university in Aerospace Engineering, I published several papers, my work has been cited hundreds of times, I worked at NASA as a postdoctoral fellow, the US knows more about my life than I do and I have been waiting on my change of status for over a year now. From the response I've got for my service request, it may take another year even though my priority date is current. The worst part is that I keep meeting people that abused the marriage-based greencard that aren't living the nightmare of potential retrogression of visas that can put my life on hold for longer if not forever. I am currently on work suspension because the renewal of an EAD that is tied to the change of status takes the same amount of time as a brand new EAD, which, to me, does not make any sense. Also, USCIS can simply deny or never respond simply because they can. USCIS has complete power over my life as they can very easily take away my accomplishments by simply not approving my change of status on no basis. Simply because they can. The immigration officers don't care because they assume immigrants like us have easy lives.
  7. mabc

    mabc New Member

    USCIS has approved several cases posterior to mine and my case has no problem as far as my lawyer is concerned and yet USCIS is simply sitting on the case. I am suspended from work because USCIS is also delayed in renewing my work authorization. At this point I wish I has the courage to simply get a <mod edit - method>myself because I know that USCIS will continue to sit on my case simply because they can and they don't give a flying fuck to the people that come here and work much harder than the people that were born here. All the effort that I put has been in vain and I am ashamed that I believed in the lie "if you work hard, good things will happen". I want to die and make an example of how USCIS is playing a role in ruining the lives of people that came to this country to contribute to it and not suck it dry.
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