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Having suicidal thoughts...

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Every day, it is the same shit, being tortured by nasty gang trash, every day, and the fat ass Principal Opitz never does anything about it. I am just more afraid to go to that Barbara Bush Middle Hell, because every time I see a low class trash kid, I imagine that demon kid being frozen to death, over, and over again. My mind keeps repeating the same thing many times, very irratating, and I just want to kill myself with a huge knife, so I won't have to deal with this again. I go to Content Mastery to do mumbo-jumbo that I have been assigned to from class, and ever since the big conflict I had with Roger, every time, I would go there, when I see Mrs. Osterloh, I imagine her freezing to death, because she is never willing to understand me, just like all of the other staff members that just feed their damn faces every day, is any member registered here go to the same hell I do, this evil school is located in Irving, TX, and if there is ANYBODY who goes there that can help me out, I will really appreciate it, for some reason, I am thinking about hurting myself, again, because of the extreme agony that I feel every day when I go to this hell, should I hurt myself?


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I live in Houston, Texas, close to you, but not close enough.....

I can safely say that you are not alone in your situation, there are many "nerds" and "geeks', such as yourself somehow put by cruel fate into a school full of the popular football players and jocks and you are oh so different from all of them and they will always bully you.

I know I was bullied quite a lot when I first came to this country, and it hurt like hell, nobody wanted to be my friend, in fact there was one person who only faked his friendship with me and in the end of the school year told me he was just messing with me the entire time, sheesh. Just what the fuck?

I myself could never think of self harming myself, just for me to commit suicide once, quickly and painlessly and end it.

Its a real shame that you face hell at school and then again at home, there's no place of refuge for you. For many, their refuge is at school instead of at home with abusive, uncaring family members.
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