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    I am having a very hard time concentrating and getting my work done. I am an administrative assistant for a construction company which requires keeping a lot of balls in the air. Since my attempt, my memory is shot to hell and I already warned them of that, so we agreed to keep everything in writing/email for reference later to make it easier for me. They are also open to adjusting my hours so I can get to dr's appts or get more sleep. They gave me 2 weeks off to recover after my attempt even! So I am blessed and want to do a good job!

    Yet I find my mind constantly wandering, hard to focus (I have ADD anyway) and very forgetful. It doesn't help that I have free reign, my own office, and internet. I did pick up a book my therapist recommended called "My Own Worst Enemy" about chronic underachievers who start off very bright, then squander their talents later in life. So me!

    If you have any tips, please advise, I really want to do right by my workplace and boss who have been so supportive!
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    If you can make an agenda for the day print off what needs to be done first and accomplish one task at a time
    Try looking at one task only so the work does not overwhelm you when that task is done move to the next
    It is good your boss is willing to work with you start off with most impt task to get done first then work your way down ok