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Hi guys,
I'm 19 and I've struggled with depression, bulimia and self harm since I was 15.
I attempted suicide almost a year ago by taking 30 pills that I found in house.
I still believe that my life doesn't make sense and that I'm worthless and incapable of appreciating the beautiful things around me.
I hate myself so bad that I can't look in the mirror even though other people say I'm pretty. I've written many suicide notes but everytime I think of my parents I feel guilty because If I died I'd make them suffer.

I'm fed up with this life and tired of being here.
i hope to find support and to share my feelings with u.

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Hi Laura glad you are here hun reaching out for support Your right your parents would suffer greatly if you left. Hope you can talk to them and get some supports in place new meds therapy to get you feeling better hun hugs:hugtackles:


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hey laura i think you will fit in here it will do you good to chat with people going through the same kind of things so keep posting ok

oh and welcome to sf :goodjob:


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Welcome to the forums Laura!! This is a good place to vent your frustrations.. Theres alot of support here.. Take care!!


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Welcome Laura - sorry to see someone so young feeling this down - but depression can happen to anyone, be they weak or strong, sick or well - it makes not a difference!

What does make a difference is when we admit it to ourselves - get some help and not carry all the guilt many feel over depression. Guilt which would otherwise be sent to the recycle bin of the mind is instead on the front of our minds.

Anyhow I was dealing with depression before you were born and things are much better regarding the outlook.

Someone with intelligence such as you will likely be able to find a great deal of knowledge in these forums - knowledge which others will share so that others do not have to learn as they go along - which means stumbling and falling a lot.

Take hear that things can get better - you can get better - and odds are good that some medication will help - or counselling if your depression is linked to any particular issue in growing up.

Regards and welcome.
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