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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by princess bubblegum, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. one of my newly made friends asked if I cut myself. Within the same month my teacher asked me too. I'm having panic attacks like everyday because of this :/ idk what I should do. no time to check myself into a place for whatever I have to take SATs and keep my average up so I get into a good college.
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    You also need to get help for yourself before you start college as the stress will only build and you will need to be stable ok. So you talk to doctor and you get some therapy or supports in place before you start Do it now hun don't wait ok
  3. i dunno i have this idea that if i get accepted into some elite college then everything is going to be fine and i'm not going to feel like this and stuff. but i'm just about 100% sure nothing will change. and my parents just stopped taking me to therapy :c
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    Hi Princess bubblegum,
    Please don't feel so pressured, do your best and that is all you can do. At the end of the day a qualification is a qualification, yes some like from better colleges. It really doesn't matter in the workplace, other skills just as important like a good team-player, willing to help others, and great inter-personal skills. Hobbies outside of college go down well for future employment, a great CV with eye-catching words is more important often than where you studied. A great CV, covering letter shows commitment and interest is that not more beneficial than where you studied?
    Many Jobs don't require " Elitist view" so try to not worry. Just go to where you wish dependant on grades off course, don't worry if take 2nd or 3rd choice. You will still be fine and have the same qualification, try not to stress out as this will affect your health and well-being.
    Study in short sessions as cramming may not be absorbed, take regular fluids and diet as this will increase your brain-power. Do brain increasing exercises to assist in learning more information. Eat a good diet, oily fish has shown that eaten prior to exams does assist in better grades. Many natural calming techniques for stress relief please maybe try some. Tell your family please how you are feeling, get help please if feel at risk of ? Self-harming. You need to believe in yourself, do some positive thinking and do aims for your study programme.
    Try and get plenty of sleep as this more than anything will help. Good luck and just aim for the best you can do, nobody can be angry with you for doing just that.
    Take Care Kate
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