He breaking my heart b/c of her

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    Dear Jess(Dylan's mom)- What is your problem? Huh!! He's been trying to call you for three days now. He's left three seperate voice mails on your cellphone and you can't even grace him with a return call. All he wants from you is to talk to you and you can't even give him that. He's 7 years old now, did you know that? SEVEN, and he's at the age where he sees his friends with their mothers, sees other little kids with their mothers and he knows that something is wrong. Why doesn't he have a mother? Where the hell did she go?

    You are unbelievable. You left him twice, no one stopped you from seeing him. No one said you couldn't see him, you walked away. You walked away when he was 1 1/2 and you walked away again when he was 5 1/2. You are a wonderful example of a piece of shit mother. You are a disgrace. How can you not want to talk to him?? You know nothing about this child. Did you know that he likes to draw and that he's good at it? Did you know that he's so smart the stuff he's doing in school atm is too easy for him? Did you know that when he cries at night he comes to me? I bet you knew none of that shit. I am his Aunt and I'm a damn better mother than you will ever be.

    You have three children...you have custody of one of them. That speaks volumes about who you are as a person and who you are as a mother. At this moment I don't even know if you have custody of Kaitlyn. For all I know you left her too. She's 4 now, does she know about her 7 year old brother. Does she?

    Lately all Dylan talks about is how he wants to talk to you. He talks about how he doesn't see his sisters, Alexis or Kaitlyn. Do you realize how unfair it is to him that he doesn't know that side of his family? Today at recess Jess, he cried. He just burst into tears and he didn't know why. He cries all the time now because all he wants to do is talk to you and that tears me apart. It rips my heart out because a piece of him is dying inside. A little piece of Dylan's heart is breaking because of a piece of shit like you. You are a no good rotten piece of shit and the only good thing that ever came from you was HIM. You are wrecking him.

    Did you know part of me just wishes I could tell him you were dead. So that way he won't wonder, he won't wish that he could see you, talk to you, hug you. He wouldn't beg to call you up and tell you about his day, his life, his dreams. You don't deserve him in your life. You don't deserve him because you never once gave a shit whether he was okay or not.

    He is a wonderful boy because of this family, because of me. He is smart because of this family. He knows what it's like to be loved so great that he feels suffocated because of US. Nothing you can ever do will make that change and while you lie awake at night realizing what a shitty mother you are I hope you know that he's hugging me and crying about the things in his life that go wrong. I hope you realize that he eventually will know that he doesn't need you and the you are just a piece of his life that doesn't care enough to get to know him!!! I hope that breaks your heart and when it does I'll spit on it and walk away :mad:
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    Damn true, Kells. So glad you realize that. I have utmost respect for both you and Dylan.

    Sorry you have to witness that shit... :mad::dry: So not fair for Dylan. He deserves to have the support of his biological mother. I feel for him. :sad:

    but, you know, though it's still not fair, the mindless lack of support he receives from his mother is compensated for and then some by the magnificent job you do in being there for him.

    You are incredibly strong, and so is he.

    I hope letting this out helped you feel --if even just a little-- better.

    I wish the best for all of you....

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    It broke my heart to hear Dylan like that. :sad: And it pisses me off because it's about his mother, who seems to not give a damn about that poor boy. :mad::dry:

    Glad you realize that you are more of a mother to him than she will ever be, and that you've made his life better for him, it's so true.

    You're so strong, I admire you so much. Hope letting it out made you feel better. Here anytime, hunnah. :hug: xxxxxxxx. <3
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    That F****** witch needs steralising :mad:
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    being one who did not have her biological mother either i just want to say thank you for being there for him, and providing him with the love and support he needs. i know it's hard for him not to have her in his life, but someday he will realize what he does have and he will come to his own conclusion about her. she is making her bed that she must lie in. keep up the good work here.

    i know i wish i would of had someone who loved and supported me while i was growing up. this will mean alot to him. i would just express to him that you are not sure what is going on with his mom and just continue to offer to be there for him. i can see and hear the resentment you have towards his mother, but i hope he will not develope the same feelings you have. please, note i am not putting you down for this but there is no need for more resentment than life is already going to have to offer him. the way i see it my birth mom (nor adoptive mom for that matter) didn't have what it took to see after me and that's ok. i had alot of loving examples around me. i've done things differently for my own children. i even have a son i gave up for adoption, but i went the open adoption route so i could still be a part of his life cause i do love him i just couldn't care for him.

    you're probably just wishing at least for some closure for him one way or another, and honestly it may not come. you might have to find your own closure and accept that you are going to be his guiding light, and thank god for that.

    anyways, i won't babble on more here. i wish nothing but the best for the both of you, and if i can be of any assistance here please don't be afraid to pm. please, please take care.
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    Thank you all for the comments it means alot. I just worry more about Dylan than anything because he doesn't deserve this. I know he will eventually see the truth. :hug: