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He hits me

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He tells me to shut up
He says I am bad
He punishes me down
He is my daddy
He is always angry
I am not bad
I never tell out loud
I never say he hits me
My daddy hits me
My daddy hurts me
My daddy hates me


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What your daddy does to you is child abuse, which is illegal. Is there anyone you can confide in about your situation? If you tell someone and it's reported to the authorities, he'll be made to stop. Please seek help. No one deserves to be abused, most especially by the ones who are supposed to love and protect them - the parents!!:mad:

love and hugs,



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I hope so, I've never been through any sort of abuse so I have no idea what its like, I can only imagine how painful and tramautizing it must be and I wish there was something I could do to help you but all I can sadly do is offer words to you.

As leastofthese says, no matter what your dad tells you, you DO NOT ABSOLUTELY DESERVE TO BE ABUSED LIKE THIS!!!

You are a unique, special and beautiful human being and never ever ever ever ever beleive your father if he hits you or punishes you otherwise and says you deserve it, never beleive that.


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Good!!:smile: I hope she gets the law involved - child protective services, at least - and this shit comes to a screeching halt. NO CHILD deserves such abuse.:mad: Not for any reason. I get mad at my kids all the time, and even feel sometimes that I hate them (it's their behavior, really, that I hate), but NEVER have I had any thoughts of hitting/beating/abusing them in any way. I can't even conceive of doing such a thing. I hope your life starts improving and that you get out from under his hateful hand.:mad:

love and hugs and hope for a better future,

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