He just doesn't know when to stop

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    My dad doesn't know when to stop. He told my one teacher about what I was going through without my permission. He has been talking to a guy at work about me, and he just doesn't seem to understand. He is not a very emotional man, and I understand that to a point, but he has nor right telling people about my personal business.

    I have been struggling with depression and anxiety secretly since seventh grade. I am now a sophomore in high school, and I have been in outpatient and inpatient psychological treatment. I have had several different therapists, and I am currently going to be going to a new one because I just didn't mesh with my previous one.

    Anyway, I just need to figure out how to deal with my dad. I refuse to go places with him alone because he insists on only talking about my various problems. I can't drive with him in the car because he makes me too anxious. I know he is worried, but at times he takes it too far.

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    I'm sorry to hear that man. Maybe ask your new therapist to tell ur dad to stop.
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    I've tried to have several therapists talk to him, but he refuses to listen. Every time I feel the slightest bit happy he brings me down. He never thinks anything I do is good enough, even if I were to do the absolute best possible, he keeps pushing for more. He says he understands, but he doesn't. I think he is trying, but what he is doing is the opposite of helping me.