He just won't listen to a word I'm saying.

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  1. Okay, so, don't any of you turn like him in this.

    My best friend, brother, we have a siblingship and friendship going on, and no, he isn't blood related, we are just so, so, so close.

    He isn't listening to me.
    I haven't ate in 5 days, and all he says is 'eat' 'eat' 'eat'.

    I blocked him because he pissed me off and stressed me out, and I sent him this email;

    right then let me put this in someway ull understand

    you telling me 24 7 to 'eat' 'eat' 'eat' aint gonna help or do anything because if its ALL your gonna say, then that means ur basically not there for me anymore and that means i cant be there for u, so what is the point in even knowing each other huh? i want u to be there for me, i dont want u to push into eating, one because i cant do it, and the amount that u want to see me eat on webcam is something i could never do, even if i were normally eating, i could never eat so much, the only times i eat that much is when i binge eat and that hasnt happened in months now. if u wanna help me, then dont do it this way because its making me upset and stressed and yeah, this whole thing is effecting me badly and im getting pretty sick from it, but i dont need this, not from u bro, not from u, i dont want it from u, i want u to talk to me, not just say eat eat eat all the time, its just not on, i mean if we were talking and stuff and you said eat still, at least we would still be talking

    did u even read the poem?
    i need u
    i need u alot right now
    and now uve just...
    now ive lost u.
    nd i dont wanna lose u.
    i need u.
    more than alot.
    i love you bro
    please just...
    talk to me, properly.

    look, its hard for me to even eat anything, the first poem i sent u, the first verse on that poem, thats ... just how it is.

    please though
    just please
    im begging you yeah
    just please stop saying repeatively eat
    and talk to me
    i need you
    this is something i rarely do...
    im doing it because i realy do need you bro
    i love you so much and i just
    need you
    so please
    u can still say eat eat eat
    just ...
    talk to me aswell
    i ask you to not do many things, and im asking you to do this for me. please.
    i want to be there for u aswell.
    bro, please..
    wub woo...''

    His reply was 'eat' a minute later, which is nowhere enough time to even read the damn email.

    Seriously, I am TRYING SO HARD to compromise with him, to talk this out and for him to stop being so immature and to just TALK TO ME PROPERLEY!

    What the hell should I do?
    Because he is frustrating me beyond imaginable words right now.
    I have spent a long while crying and screaming and cursing at myself, I'm so mad, I really, really need help on this. I don't know what to do.

    I don't want replies like 'eat then' because it is NOT as simple as that.
    So don't reply saying that.
    I would just like helpful suggestions.
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    Have you asked your best friend, why there brother is just saying that. You seem really distressed, so warn him that he doesn't stop saying those sorts of things, then you will cut yourself off from him either temporarily or for good. You need support, not someone telling you something like "eat"
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