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He made it.

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I just got a call from the hospital. He's alive, wow I am so relieved. I started balling on the phone with the nurse, saying he's going to hate me so much. She told me that this was probably one of the most heroic things I've ever done and I should be so proud of myself. I saved his life, and I feel like I failed him so miserably, but at least he's alive to hate me. I want him in my life forever, but I have a feeling that he isn't going to want me there anymore. Well, anyways, I guess we'll see if it's true. Thanks everyone <3 at least I will be able to get a little sleep tonight.


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I saved his life, and I feel like I failed him so miserably, but at least he's alive to hate me.

That's exactly right.

You should be proud. When there were reasons not to, you took action to save his life. What you did was the difference between life and death.

You may be surprised. He may thank you as soon as he sees you. But even if he shuns you, you can still be safe knowing you saved his life. When he recovers and grows thankful for being rescued, then he may finally thank you.


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I hope that once the reality kicks in the person you saved will appreciate that you cared enough to act.

Sure they might be angry at first - 'hate' you in the short term until maybe he or she can get some help to tackle the destructive mindset that led to this.

Hopefully they will thank you, might take time, but what you did was the right thing if someone who wanted to die, over depression issues, is still alive.
Oh he's not mad at me and he still wants me in his life. They're moving him to another place so I won't be seeing him tonight. And hopefully I will be going out to visit him tomorrow. I miss him so much. Thanks everyone!!
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