He ran away without a word

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    My boyfriend of seven years today just broke off out relationship without a word of goodbye. I don't understand why we weren't fighting everything was okay and then suddenly, he ignored me the other day and I thought maybe he needed a day to himself because he's been very stressed from school and work but he never answered. He lives in another town for college. He's blocked my phone, my emails, my FB and twitter. I can't get ahold of him. He won't give me a reason why...

    I feel so stressed that I keep throwing up. I can't eat or sleep. All I can think of is I can't stand living without him, he's been the only man I've ever really loved and he's willing to throw away 7 years all because he's confused and if we have a little disagreement here and there. But we haven't found for months. I maybe was a little pushy to get him to come and visit me and skip out on a tournament with his friends but I told him if he wanted to go to the tournament we could book his visit on another day.

    I can't tell my family because they already hate him because of previous disappearing acts. I collapsed in the shower because I don't have the strength to stand up. I've crashed into the wall because I'm too weak today.

    I just want to end the pain I don't want to live without him. I spent months opening up and showing the inner be because of my therapy for emotional trauma and just when I was finally building my confidence again he shatters it and I'm left in his emotional hell! I don;t understand why he can just throw me away like i'm nothing and not give me an answer or a reason why hell he didn't say anything about breaking up. We were happy and in love and then I'm nothing but someone he had block. I want him back and this pain to stop or I will end it myself
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    Think I might have to go to the hospital...I can't stop throwing up and I havent eaten for hours thanks to the depression and stress
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    Please take care of yourself...anyone who would leave without closure, is mean, and you do not need mean in your life...know you are valuable and he is the one who has problems...this is difficult to remember when one feels like his/her heart is broken, but please make sure you will be OK...sometimes, people sense when others are more vulnerable, more authentic, and due to their shortcomings, cannot deal...again, this is his problem...hoping you are safe and have gone to the Dr/hospital if you need to
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    I know you won't believe me, but this will ease with time.
    I've been where you are and my face actually turned grey with shock, until then I didn't know someone could actually turn grey :eek:hmy:
    Like you, I could barely eat and the only thing that gave me relief was to clean everything in sight.
    Much talking about it with people here, many tears, and then one day I woke up and it wasn't so bad, then each day it eased a little more.
    I've never really got over the shock, in the sense that it still comes back to me now and then, but if he crawled over broken glass I wouldn't have him back.

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    Hun i do hope you go to hospital and get some help hun for YOu okay He is cruel what he is doing and you hun you deserve so much more. If he has done this before then you know that he will not change hun you need to find someone that will not harm you again hugs