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he keeps trying to contact me
he calls me
texts me
emails me
begging me to talk to him
it makes me feel powerful
hes in big trouble with people, trouble he knows I could stop.
and this feels so good, to know, I have my heel on his back.
I have control, even if it is a minute amount, on the person who stole everything from me.
And slowly but surely destroyed my self esteem, and my life.

no one replied yet so i thought i would, im sorry i dont know much about your story, do you want to explain? and who this guy is? etc. remember you dont have to if you don't want to, im allways here if you wanna talk

take care

vikki x


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I'm with Vikki, I'd like to know more of the story if your willing to talk about it. If you want to you can PM me, I am here for you as is everyone else on this forum. Let us know if we can help in anyway



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he was the guy in an old post, he was the legal age for sex, I wasent, he made me do stuff. we never had sex, but he kinda, gave me some ugly injuries in places. It makes me ashamed of myself. I dont want another guy to touch me ever again :paperbag:
darling it wasn't you fault :hug:, he took advantage, he did the act not you, he had control you didn't, he abused you, you didn't ask for it, so its not your fault, you dont need to be ashamed, you did nothing wrong so please dont by ashamed, there's to be ashamed about, he did it, him, him, him not YOU, you have no reason to blame yourself

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