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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by bleedingrage, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. bleedingrage

    bleedingrage Active Member

    Ok , so I've been pondering something these last few days. How can a suicidal person help another? I mean I'd assume that both have their own problems to deal with. And if someone went through with the task, who would genuinely care? If someone did care, could the loss of the person cause the other to suicide?
  2. pickwithaustin

    pickwithaustin Staff Alumni

    Hello! Your post contains some very good and interesting questions! I'd like to take a stab at this because I have some insight into this, I think. How can a suicidal person help another? Currently, the direction that a lot of the mental health industry is going links to peer counseling. Generally, of course, the idea is to put someone who has been through a certain situation or illness together only after the one has successfully overcome their own issue, but this is not always the case. The theory being practiced involves the thought that someone who has been through something can more easily relate to someone who is currently struggling with the same. Additionally, people tend to respond better to peer support than they do from working with councilors and/or therapists who have never actually experienced what the person is going through. Now does that all translate into what is going on here on this site? Quite possibly, yes. I have observed people who are suicidal actually step in and discuss wellness goals with others who are suicidal also. Does that help or work as a preventative measure, or as a good method for interaction that has positive reinforcement? I think in some, possibly many, cases it does. This is not based upon any real data or fact, however, and is only my opinion.

    If someone went through with the task, many people would care. People don't realize how much people care about them, often, until it is too late. Guaranteed, the departure of almost any body here would spark sadness with at least someone. Family and friends do genuinely care. It is often difficult to reveal that caring or to show that emotion until there is something as tragic as this, but people do care about one another. I know that many feel there is a lot of doom and gloom and uncaring in the world, but that simply is not true. Yes there is doom and gloom and yes life has a LOT of horrible challenges... but there is also a lot of caring and a lot of goodness. I witness it all first hand every single day.

    To your last thought, could the loss of the person cause the other to suicide, I think on this site it would be difficult to know if someone actually did go through with it or not. Did they actually do it, or did they just lose their internet connection, or did they decide to stop posting here, or did they possibly get banned or remove themselves voluntarily..? We'll never know. There is no news report linked to this site and there is no way in most cases to check or verify since most individuals here are anonymous. There is a belief in the world, especially through the media, that the news of a suicide inspires others to "copy cat." That might have some validity in a very small scale, but I believe personally that by having the media keep suicide incidents hush hush (and they do), they are doing this tragic illness a lot of great damage. Perhaps if the general public were more aware of the volume of suicides and suicide attempts, then more people would take this illness more seriously and they would do more to help those who might be suffering depression or suicidal thoughts. As a for instance, there is a large media and education drive to make young people aware of the dangers of drinking and driving... yet suicide as a means of death occurs far more frequently than alcohol related with teens and youth. There needs to be more awareness so that more attention can be given to those who need assistance, support, and help.

    These, of course, all just my opinions... but I think they have valid substance. Your questions in your post are great ones and I hope that my opinions give a good view of fair responses.
  3. TheLoneWolf

    TheLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    A lot of us don't want to commit suicide. We view it as a last resort. We come here seeking support from other people who can relate to how we're feeling in the hopes that we can talk each other out of it. Sometimes all we need in life is a good friend that we can tell our problems to without fear of judgment, someone who does care and will try to talk us out of suicide. I think that most people who go through with suicides do so because they have no one to talk to and they believe that nobody cares about them. I do in fact care about others who are going through the same things that I'm going through - most people are capable of at least some degree of empathy. And yes, I would be upset if someone that I cared about committed suicide. Whether or not it would drive me to commit suicide myself would depend on a lot of factors - how much that person meant to me, how I was feeling at the time, whether or not I had other people to lean on for support while I grieved, etc. Like pickwithaustin said, it's kind of hard to know on here though whether or not people actually do go through with the things they say they're going to do... because we are all pretty much anonymous. I do start to worry if a person says they're going to go through with it, and then they disappear for an extended period of time... though I have no way of knowing for sure what happened to them.
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