Heading To Suicide?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by timtim, Oct 9, 2007.

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    Generally speaking death doesn't really hold much fear for me. I first began feeling suicidal about 2 years ago. Well, entertaining the notion anyway. I suffer from depression on and off and don't really have any emotion left. I am past caring in a sense. That does make living more bearable in some ways, but not really any better. Since first thinking about suicide I have continued to entertain the notion. However, I have thought about it more frequently and more seriously as time has passed. I have thought about how and where etc.. I think I would go somewhere I would never be found. I would sell all my stuff and say I was going travelling. I don't want my body prodded about and my life investigated. I don't want people to know I killed myself, especially my family. It all sort of feels inevitable now. One month, one year, not at all, I don't know for sure. It just seems to be where I am heading. I know nothing is certain in life and am an openminded person though. I don't think what anyone says is going to make any difference to what happens to me. I am curious though. I am not going to get any treatment. Does anyone know other people like me? I mean in the sense of the way i'm thinking and allowing for the brief history I have given. Is it a familiar pattern that usually ends in suicide? It just feels so inevitable. Is this a strong sign of eventual suicide? I would appreciate some brief replies if possible please. Please don't think saying i'm likely to commit suicide will make any difference to me. It really won't. Thanks.
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    Very well put. I think similarly.
    This world creates nothing but catastrophies for the people who subside within it. Generally, I'm a suicidal person. Eventual suicide could be a case that would be labeled across my forehead while I lay in my casket with a bullet whole through my chest. All that I need is reason to continue living on this wretched planet, the reason cannot be told to me by no other being...Only myself. But, I furthermore understand the qoute you bolded out.

    "I don't think what anyone says is going to make any difference to what happens to me."

    This is my case as well. How the hell could the 'sympathizing' words of another charm me into living another day? Obviously something is keeping me here...this long anyways. Pity is something I disregard.
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