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    This is a poem I wrote after me and my 2 housemates nearly ended up in a car accident due my friend being tired. Was a scary moment, and although I was relieved, there is still something inside me that wishes we hadnt of avoided it. Though it would have endangered their lives, not just mine, and I could never live or die knowing that.

    Headlights shining in the dark,
    The streets are empty, no life to mark.
    A foot on the pedal, a hand on the wheel,
    Along a winding road, in a world surreal.
    In the midnight hours, a body so tired,
    Eyes are heavy, a bed so desired.
    A moments rest, can do no harm?
    But this is wrong, it should sound alarm.
    The car is drifting across the road,
    Something the stars could not forebode.
    Headlights shining in the dark,
    A warning to be seen, an exclamation mark.
    A minute from impact, maybe a second,
    Three lives to be taken, the moment heaven beckoned.
    A screech of the tyres, it wasn’t meant to be,
    Eyes are wide, suddenly alert to see.
    A tragedy avoided, three lives still to live,
    Their meaning revived, still so much to give.
    Our guardian angels to protect and serve,
    The precious gift of life, the stars preserve.​
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    awesome poem hun :hug:
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