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    I'm just all over the place, I don't know what to do with myself.

    I haven't been taking medication since June and I've been trying to get new appointment but I keep getting messed around and my support worker is never there.
    Haven't had counselling for nearly a year now. Everyone keeps saying they'll sort things out but it never happens.

    I just give up. What is the point in trying, if no-one if no-one else is trying to help.
    I can't do it alone any more.

    I only have 2 friends now but I can't talk about anything to do with this.
    The only friends that understood are dead and another just ignores me. She didn't even tell me she was moving until weeks before.
    My family doesn't get involved in any of this either as they aren't very supportive and understanding about mental health etc.

    I hoped that when I passed my driving test i would turn my life around.
    • leave the house more
    • get a job
    • make new friends
    • blah blah blah
    but I'm just stuck here in the same place, doing nothing with my life all alone.

    My eating disorder is getting worse.
    I either don't eat or eat way too much or purge.
    I'm starting to count calories again, which i haven't done for years. :moody:

    I stopped self harming for a 5weeks but started a couple days ago. It's pretty much all I think about right now.

    I keep thinking about admitting myself or calling someone up etc but it scares the hell out of me.
    I don't do well with people and leaving the house.
    I always find excuses not to do it.

    I feel.....lost
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    Hi st-91 i am sorry the health system is failing you right now You do deserve help ok so if you have to sign yourself in to get it do it ok
    No way you should be fighting this on your own. If you doctor is not helping you then find one that will ok
    call crisis line or go to hospital and get some supports now ok hun hugs