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  1. mewyamah

    mewyamah New Member

    I bestow upon you a healing poem to think to yourself whenever someone is bullying you. Hopefully it will help you calm down and understand that the person who is trying to demean you is the one who is wrong. Don't raise your tone and maintain your dignified position.
    We're going through some desperate times where valuable personality traits have been tossed aside by the media as it encourages people to dehumanize themselves. Humanity is constantly frowned upon and the media perpetuates hateful, shallow, stereotypical characters for others to model themselves after. The media tells us that in order to become equal and tolerant we need to mock everyone equally but the problem is that we end up separating people into other cliques while others become completely left out and turned into scapegoats. We need to stop trying so hard to be funny because not everyone was born to be an entertainer. We were all however born human and two things we can all agree that we can do are thinking and feeling. For some time now we've left others impose on us how we should think and how we should feel about ourselves when compared to the standard imposed by society. We need to stop following and listening to the mean words directed at our direction by the media, magazine covers, articles which preach those ideals while belittleling and acusing you for feeling the way you feel, other people who want to fit the mould and replicate and perpetuate a certain type of behaviour (boastful, nascisistic, childish, load, obnoxious).
    You need to understand that you feel and look the way you look because that's who you are and the only one responsible for your actions is yourself. Society is dehumanizing people who fit the mould to function as a lawyer only when they're defending their actions, and to act as both judge and prosecutor when it comes to others.
    Those who do not fit the ideal follow the example while hating themseves for not being as beautiful, inteligent, succesful or famous as their idol. A way to feel important is by chosing a scapegoat who they believe is inferior to them because that person fits a certain stereotype they were taught to dislike.
    The scapegoat becomes his own prosecutor when this abuse comes from all directions: real world or media. You need a lawyer too, but everyone is to busy lawyering themselves to care about injustice. You need to be your own lawyer and if you cannot voice your defence in a calm, respectful tone because they're too busy mocking you or trying to shut you up simply ignore them: you're better off without their opinion.
    You must never stop being your own lawyer: you're human and you make mistakes but if that mistake doesn't endanger your humanity you don't need to explain your choices.

    If you also enjoy lowbrow things I invite you to read a particularly rude poem I wrote about the rude behaviour people try to shove down our throats to ensure a peaceful existance for all except the ones who need it the most:

    An asshole is an asshole
    even if it's covered with expensive things.
    An asshole is an asshole:
    chosing rude jesters over soft spoken kings
    An asshole is an asshole
    when only about his victories he sings
    An asshole is an asshole
    he won't allow innocent to spread their wings

    An asshole is an asshole (both genders)
    and says his shit never stinks
    when he talks before he thinks
    cause he mocks and later winks
    since his ego never shrinks.

    An asshole is an asshole and that's all he'll ever be
    He pokes fun at victims, weaklings, races, an amputee
    Shapes, sizes, faces, gender claiming that it's equally
    Defend yourself and he won't allow you to dissagree

    Don't talk to him about common sense or equality
    It's much too late for he has lost all his humanity.

    Don't reproduce or perpetuate such behaviors because you're still human no matter how much they try to put you down: you must always get up. The other people who reject you,bully you, ostracize you for no reason are the ones who have lost their humanity and who are wrong. You need to forgive and forget about what they say or what you think they say because no matter how hopeless it may seem, it is not your fault! What you're going through now is not your fault! The truth is that the human race goes through this neverending process where because of a sudden change in our history the values of a community become reversed and this mostly takes place during a war, crisis or cultural movement. When Pop Culture replaced the traits heroes and heroines with traits they thought would sell a product we have all been punished for no reason.
    The ones who were punished the most are the idols (although their lifestyle is different than yours and they preach a certain type of behaviour they live their lives being judged for their actions as much as you are) and other human beings like yourself who can't find any pleasure in hating another person.
    The one thing our society is lacking right now is communication. Information travels faster than ever before but we embrace the wrong one and we forget to listen to those who should be the most important to us. Other times we are cut off completely or ignored by the ones we love so we look up to the wrong people and it seems less painful because atleast those people can't hurt us in person. Generation after generation have relied on television to be our babysitters and now we're paying the price for that mistake : we're not human anymore. The internet tried to bring us closer in a community but only forces us into passivity and loneliness . We're all connected,some have have thousands of friends they never talk to, others have a few good ones they have nothing to talk about with, and now we are left with nothing to amuse us. The internet makes entertainment cheap to produce, easier to distribute,caters to a diverse audience and is free of charge but it also lowers the bar of what people consider a good joke . The internet also gives us the chance to be able to talk to like-minded people who can encourage us and help us understand that no matter how lonely and frustrated the bullies may get. YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE because you're the only one who still surrounds himself with REAL human beings. They are real human beings not because they are next to you but because they still function as human beings: they think about you and they can still feel something for another human being even if they've never met in person. Apreciate those who demonstrate their true value through their thoughtfulness and sensitivity and not those who reject or demean others regardless how important they'd like you to think they are.
  2. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, dear Friend, for sharing the wisdom you have gathered from your experiences with us here. I would like to add the following from mine to it:

    Hosea 8:7 from the Old Testament attempted to strike an early warning note into human hearts and souls with its: ‘They have sown the wind and they have reaped the whirlwind. It has no stalk, nor an ear to yield meal, and if it were to yield, the strangers shall eat it.’ Looking at the state of our world, one cannot help wondering how many ever paid attention to it. The Hosea teaching refers to the Universal law of Karma, which decrees that whatever anyone projects out into the world has to return to its sender. But that is by no means all there is to it. The force of that which we create on the Earth plane, through our thought processes and the actions following them, increases and gathers ever more strength and momentum on its way back to us. This demonstrates that humankind’s most urgent need is taking charge of our thought processes, learning to control them instead of being ruled by them. Constant practice alone can help us to become the masters of this aspect of our nature rather than being its servants.

    From Sowing The Wind

    * * *
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  3. mewyamah

    mewyamah New Member

    I agree, and what's worse is that the creation of such cliques end up crippling the cultures and traditions throughout the world because people who used to be united by the same religion, race, gender, nationality,etc are taught now to despise and look down on the values their ancestors embraced. We are allowing the media to replace our cultural heritage with stereotypes and false values because we have been taught to feel ashamed whenever we saw someone we could identify with on television. The reason we feel ashamed now is because we are told over and over that said person is weak, uneducated, inferior, savage, ugly, poor,etc while forgeting that the reason we identified with such a character was because they were human. Being weak is not shameful because all the human beings born are vulnerable and require assistance from those around them in order to grow as an individual. The media reminds us to respect another person's individuality but they portray this respect with a hostile exchange between two individuals who could instead solve their differences by reaching a respectful compromise.
    Respecting another person's individuality means respecting their boundaries .
  4. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    I believe that all religions and belief systems that ever helped to shape and mould humankind’s spiritual pathway and destiny, are one gigantic jigsaw puzzle that only begins to make sense when one recognises each one of them as an integral part of the whole of the spiritual backdrop of our world. In the past, all these religions and belief systems were of equal validity and importance, as each one had its own contribution to make. However, now that a new vision of humankind’s spiritual future is beginning to reveal itself to our astonished eyes, it can be seen with increasing clarity that all these things are increasingly becoming surplus to requirement. There is no doubt in my mind that it will not be long until they have disappeared completely from our world.

    From About Rays Of Wisdom

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  5. mewyamah

    mewyamah New Member

    I don't think people will abandon religion since it creates the spirit of a community and gives people hope and a moral code. I think that at one point frustration will just build up in the masses and there will be a period where former immigrants throughout the world will either return home because of the financial difficulties the country they moved in faces or because of an economical boost in their native countries. But that's just me pretending to be Nostradamus, hopefully things will change for the better. If such a period of new found patritism does take place and people do embrace the native culture they initially rejected I think that art throughout the world will flourish and it will be a sort of revival of the artistic identity of each country. In a decade from now I think that Hollywood will abandon stereotypical characters and be forced into writing complex, human characters of all races which can star as protagonists in movies and I also look forward to seeing the media helping young women overcome the sad outcome sexual revolution has imposed on them. Instead of helping young girls understand what a healthy body image is it just ends up shaming one body type after another while promoting unachievable beauty. It makes me sad to see young girls who instead of befriending one another just separate in cliques and despise each other for the way they look. To give you an example of this vicious cycle: in the 50's the hourglass was apreciated (and because women wore corsets which modified their bodyshape and had different eating habbits it was still more or less achievable) in the 80's very thin women were apreciated and now we have returned to the hourglass figure(in a time where obesity is an issue in certain countries ,nobody uses shape modeling corsets but photographers use photoshop) and because very thin girls have been popular before and were presented as an ideal they become demonized( called anorexic, thin, ugly even if theim being thin is something genetic) while the girls who don't identify themselves as thin are encouraged to identify with the hourglass figure. That is the way media distorts our self-image and encourages us to bully those we believe belong to the oposing team. But I'm sure things will change soon for the better we just need to be patient.
  6. Aquarius123

    Aquarius123 Well-Known Member

    I believe that difficult situations on all levels are necessary and vital in every life. They are steps on our evolutionary journey that in the end takes each one of us back home into the awareness of our true nature. So, let us not begrudge our tribulations but on the level of our soul and spirit rejoice that they have been created in our lives by the loving presence and the great wisdom of the Divine, not only for each one of us personally, but also nationally and internationally. Opportunities are thus created from which all must learn first hand how to work with the powers of the light and the love of the Universal Christ, the highest and brightest Star in the whole of Creation. Sticking our toes into the waters of life and trying and testing situations for ourselves presents all human souls with valuable evidence of how the power of the Great Universal love works and how it influences all life.

    No matter what may ever befall us and our world on the physical plane of life, I do believe that both will go on forever and that miracles are happening at all times. It’s just that mostly we fail to perceive the miraculous ways of the Universe for what they truly are, namely the handiwork of God and the Angels. Ceaselessly, they are working behind the scenes of life to put things right again and heal people and situations when something has gone awry. The more we endeavour to be true to our real self and express the essence of our being, love, in every one of our thoughts, words and actions, the more miracles manifest themselves in our lives, because our human heart has then reunited itself with the great love of the Divine.

    The legend of the Master Jesus demonstrates how, when the energies of Heaven and Earth merge into each other, a force of such magnitude is created that it is capable of healing all conditions of mind, body, spirit and soul. This is the power that can quite literally move mountains of faith, remove blockages of trust and make all crooked corners straight. It brings comfort and healing to everything that is in our world to wherever there is pain and suffering. Miracles are the Universe’s way of demonstrating to humankind the unlimited power of Its love. This is the healing balm and the panacea that needs to be applied by us earthlings to all situations in our everyday lives, all our relationships as well as to all national and international issues.

    Let us stop and reflect for a moment on the wisdom of the Great Architect of life. The Universe is infinitely wise in its giving. Yet, it is even wiser in its taking. If we had never encountered the warped side of our lives and our world, we would not have been able to differentiate between good and bad, and that which desirable and undesirable. If we had never been wounded, we would appreciate what healing is like. We cannot know light, unless we have first experienced darkness. Only through the lack or loss of something or someone can we truly learn how to value what we had and also that which we are going to have, when periods of suffering finally lie behind us, as they invariable do in the end.

    Such is life on the Earth plane! It has to be this way because that is how it was designed for us by our Father/Mother Creator. Who would we be to argue with Its wisdom? Take heart though – growing in understanding through difficult and traumatic experiences, the way it is required from us on the present level of our existence, is not going to continue indefinitely. All life is constantly evolving and moving forwards and upwards on a never ending spiral. When we, individually and as a race, have become sufficiently evolved, so that Earth life has nothing left to teach us, we shall be ready to move on to more advanced schooling on the higher and ultimately highest levels of life.

    Only A Shadow
    The love I have for You, my Lord,
    Is only a shadow of Your love for me;
    Only a shadow of Your love for me,
    Your deep, abiding love.

    My own belief in You, my Lord,
    Is only a shadow of Your faith in me;
    Only a shadow of Your faith in me,
    Your deep and lasting faith.

    My life is in Your hands,
    My life is in Your hands.
    My love for You does grow, my God;
    Your light does shine in me.

    The dream I have today, my Lord,
    Is only a shadow of Your dreams for me,
    Only a shadow of all that will be,
    If I but follow You.

    The joy I feel today, my Lord,
    Is only a shadow of Your joys for me,
    Only a shadow of Your joys for me,
    When we meet face to face.

    Carey Landry

    From Miracles Do Happen!

    * * *

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