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Healthier Alternatives for Fries?


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Nearly everyday I will eat out. Usually out of stress, or depression, also because my metabolism is so high. After eating I'm hungry again in two or three hours. My favorite fast food to eat is fries. I want to break this habit, but I find comfort in eating them.


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Yes, homemade fries fried in some healthy oil/ greese. I am not kidding. Fast food always makes me want more of it and then some more. But if I make the same food at home those cravings go down. The ingriedients are fresh and least processed so body takes a longer time to absorb and convert it into energy. Or you can try row fruits and veggies with a dip.


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What about baking fries at home? I've seen them in the frozen section of groceries stores and they are easier than cutting up your own potatoes.
There's a recipe that I really like to make where you take a potato, cut it into slices (but not all the way through, so it's still connected along the bottom. You can put like chopsticks on the sides of the potato to make sure you don't accidentally cut all the way through as well), drizzle it with olive oil and some seasonings, and then bake it on a pan lined with parchment paper at 425°F for 20 minutes at a time until the potato is golden brown.

Every 20-ish minutes you can put a little more seasoning and olive oil on if you want to. It takes a few tries to get it to come out exactly how you want it to (I like my potatoes sorta crunchier, so eventually I figured out that it helps to cut them thinner so they cook a bit more), so I'd recommend starting with smaller potatoes so you can get the hang of how small or big you want the slices to be, how long you want to cook them for, and how much of what seasonings you like on the potatoes.

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