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  1. Petal

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    Can anyone recommend some, or even a website? Just looking to start a new diet and I plan to go walking as well as taking diet pills. Any suggestions or recommendations much appreciated. :)
  2. flowers

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    this is a hugeeeee thing for me. I can reommend some things. One of them I can write here. The other, if you want I will send in pm.
    I tend to do low carb and low calorie.
    I do 3 egg omelettes that are not folded over. I only use one egg yolk. And 3 egg whites. i use about 3 tbs of "40 calorie a cup" almond milk in it. I blend the eggs until frothy and bigger in volume. Then i put it in a pan with spectrum olive oil spray. It is healthier than pam etc.
    I use 1 1/2 ounces of fresh grated strong romano cheese on top and put it under a broiler to cook the top. i like eating it without being folded over. its 270 calories and low in carbs.

    I make my own low carb low calorie salad dressing. I can tell you about it if you would like.

    I tend to like sweets. So i have a protein drink powder. I put in the blender with ice cubes, lemon and healthy stevia ( not the grocery store kind called truvia). i pour it into dishes and freeze it. It ends up being low calorie low carb sweet treats. I can tell you more about it if you would like.

    I also have recipes for chicken that I like. I do not eat many foods because of poor health. So my recipies are limited to the foods I eat. But they are low carb and low calorie. They taste good, and are fairly healthy.
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  3. ryan.

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    As a vegetarian I can only offer vegetarian recipes, but I'll jot down some meals I have been eating lately (on an average day).

    Breakfast: 12 grain bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese.

    Lunch: Whole wheat wrap with spinach, cucumber, broccoli, green and red peppers, onion, swiss cheese and italien dressing.

    Supper: Spaghetti noodles, tomato sauce, brocolli, red peppers, onion, oregano, parmasean.

    I have always been very skinny and a pretty healthy guy (so while I am not sure whether or not these are low carb or what they're like diet wise) so I am pretty sure they must be healthy.
  4. FrainBart

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    It depends on what type of diet you are looking to do, (example weightwatchers style, low carb or something else) I can give a few recipes but it depends onn what type of diet you are looking to do
  5. Petal

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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions :) Much appreciated. Hmm I don't agree with the weight watchers diet as it focuses more on counting points than actually eating healthily. I love my carbs, that's my down fall...chips yummmy! Only oven chips though :p Ermm, I guess a low calorie diet hun :)
  6. meaningless-vessel

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    Oh the irony lol. My mum spent 10 months losing 4 stone (56lbs/25.5kgs) on the weight watchers diet.

    But everyone is different and whatever works for you.

    Provided there's a balance (less on the oven chips, possibly more fruit and veg), there's a lot that can be started on from that
  7. Petal

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    I must say that is impressive Gary. I'd like to know though did your mum eat healthily while she was doing it? Or just add up the points daily. What puts me off in the shops is seeing all these cookies and biscuits with points on them lol but I must admit the weight watchers chicken hotpot is absolutely delish, one of my fave meals haha. Thanks Gary =)
  8. Forgotten_Man

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    I personally love the Paleo diet. It made me realize that lots of protein fills you up very fast and with minimal eating. So eat more protein, that will help you eat healthy meals.