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healthy Distractions


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i was thinking that maybe we could have a thread here on all the healthy options we have to distract other selves when times are rough... feel free to add onto this thread with things you do :)

for me recently Ive found an outlet in artistic things , making cards for other people , paintings and so forth... Ive also been exploring the music world quiet a bit , this has kept me busy for hours when its been really hard.


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* playing with my cat Larry helps me ,
* playing guitar gets whats on the inside out without using words ,
* writing a letter to my grandma every week helps me not think about whats going on for me and give me a family thing to focus on .
* relaxation has helped me tremendously i may make a post about this as there's so much to cover and its simple and easy and takes less than 15 mins to do
* positive thinking - yes i know i hate this one but it does work
* goal setting


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here are a hole bunch of ideas :

Looking after you is important; here are some tips/ideas of what you could do to help look after you.
· Talk
· Listen
· Share memories with others
· Be with family
· Be with friends
· Take time for yourself
· Slow down relax your body (see relaxation thread)
· Breathe deeply
· Listen to music
· Cry
· Have warm/hot showers
· Walk
· Take long bath
· Eat sensibly
· Routines can help
· Rest when you can
· Get enough sleep
· Do physical exercise
· Hug
· Hold someone’s hand
· Have a massage
· Be close to someone
· Get outside often
· Visit nature – the sea, beach, forest, bush or hills
· Buy plant or pick flowers
· Read helpful books
· Pray
· Mediate
· Sing
· Dance
· Write
· Cry in the shower
· Scream into the wind
· Hit a pillow
· Create
· Keep a journal or dairy
· Look at photos or videos/DVDs
· Use support that is offered
· Join a support group
· Talk to other who have “been there”
· Joke and laugh when you can
· Call a friend – old or new
· Let others five you a hand
· Encourage yourself
· Ask for what you need


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Working on mathematics puzzles keeps me distracted for a while. Not exactly a healthy distraction. Cycling is healthy. So is swimming but it can be tiring as I have not swam for a long time. Drinking pear cider could be a distraction.

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