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healthy drink ideas


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that arn't water or flavoured water

I've tried both and don't like it

and it's the same for fruit smoothy. not a fan

right now, my drink of choice is coca-cola and I know I have to drink more healthily (I don't get a lot of what I need from cola, despite it being tasty. lol)

Legate Lanius

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I drink milk, water, protein shakes (after workouts, not a lot) and covfefe. I guess maybe coconut water or those vegan protein mixes would be healthy. You can make homemade smoothies and stuff. Put a bunch of kale and spinach and whatever in there.


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Kefir is probably the healthiest thing you can drink because of it's cleansing benefits. Personally I'm not too keen on the flavour but mixing it with a flavour you like makes it a lot better. I mix it with chocolate powder.

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