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Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Chat


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Tonight, (Sunday) 9pm BMT in normal chat where we will have a subroom, anyone interested?????
:oops: my sig isn't very suitable :rolleyes:
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argh im going out for a friends birthday :sad: and i had an idea for a weekly target too :sad:

stoopid friends getting older!!!!



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Thats a very touchy subject just now Bunny........
shame u can't come tonight, we'll save your idea to next week......
got to say I didnt meet mine this week, did u?



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i didnt quite, i missed a few breakfasts but we're working on it and we can keep trying :smile: no ones ever perfect remember and its a great idea to come up with a target to work to, it makes it easier than just doing everything at once


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This is gonna be another bad week for me for two reasons
1) I got a reason to comfort eat....
2) I got Sarah coming to help me do it
together, we make a bad combination, :party: :popcorn: :burp: :drunk: :coffee:
So I'll be starting on Tues 16th AGAIN.........


Tomorrow (sunday) I will be there for HEAL chat - if anyone is interested - please do turn up!!




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Sorry hun! I always get confused about the time zone. I am gonna have to be in town in a hour so not sure I'll be here in time. Depends on my schedule today. :(


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