Healthy Self-Pity

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    I found this great article:
    Recovery and Healthy Self-Pity by Pete Walker, M.A.

    My self-pity points are:
    If I died now few people would attend my funeral.
    Nobody regularly seeks out my company
    All of my loves have been unrequited, and they weren’t so wonderful that they didn’t judge me as unattractive.
    I am a virgin at 37 (Bill Clinton: I did not have sexual relations with that woman: Miss <insert name>)
    I have bipolar disorder
    I am bored
    I’m at risk of having a sub-human rebirth after death
    I get paralysis at the computer keyboard and mouse for fear of getting RSI (I’m paralyzed trying to save this document – self-sabotaging – I’m worried I’ll lose this post)
    I can’t sit cross legged for meditation
    I’m not enlightened
    I doubt that tThe Buddha is here
    I have to keep this post a secret from my family or they will think I’m very selfish (I’m scrolling down the page when I hear my parents moving around the house)

    This exercise has actually been positive, identifying changes (goals) that I’d like to achieve. Thanks for listening.
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    Today’s self-pity points:
    I was so bored this morning that I went back to bed for 3 hours
    I have a scoliosis
    Nobody read my previous post (smile)
    I don’t feel gratitude
    I wish I’d never been born
    People are too busy to talk with me
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    Surely the self-pity article is about love and acceptance of who we are.

    So I can think that I am stupid, weak, unloved etc. etc. but if I feel bitter, angry or depressed about it then it's a wasted exercise, whereas if I think "hey, it's ok, I'm not perfect, I have faults, but I can accept who I am" then there's real benefits to be had.
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