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    Everything hurts right now...One of my best friends tried to hurt me when I tried to hug him by twisting my arm around (he doesn't like contact) but when this other chick did it he didn't care. He barely talked to me and avoided me all night.
    This morning my BEST friend told me she was going away and I asked why didn't she tell me about it before (becuase I just like to know what my friends are up to,I wasn't making any demands or anything) and she said "why would I tell you?"
    Then afterwards she told me the reason we were falling apart and its not the way it used to be was because we've "gone our seperate ways".
    I don't know what happened. I thought I treated her right, but I must not have... I must have done something wrong.
    She says we'll never be the way we were before again.
    We are to forever remain distant like we have been for the past few months.
    I just want it to go back to the way it was...All of my best friends always wind up pushing me away like I'm some sort of disease...
    I just want to make people happy but I must be some sort of terrible person.
    Everything I thought I was doing right must be wrong...
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    You should see a therapist.. They may be able to shed light on whats going on.. Are you out of high school?? People you use to know back then drift apart..It's not easy to make new friends, you have to put alot of effort into it..I hope you find out whats going on..
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    I am seeing a therapist and am going to start on anti-depressants.
    I am in the 11th grade but have moved away recently and I feel like she's forgotten me...We've drifted apart and are not as close as we used to be.
    I feel like all of my best friends push me away becuase I'm so un-tolerable.
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    I think you friend phrased it the wrong way. She should of said she is going her seperate way hun. And it hurts when someone you thought of as a true friend moves on without you. People do change. Is she in grade 11 too? I have a daughter about your age. And she is going through the exact same thing. She has one best friend. And that girl seems to need to push the buttons of their relatyionship. As if she is testing my daughter for some reason. She walks away, comes back and walks away again. And daughter, like you, feels it's something she must of done.

    I dont know your whole situation but if it is like my daughter's then hun you did nothing wrong. You just arent ready to take the same steps as the other person. And there is nothing wrong with that. If you still want to be friends with this person then tell them just that. You are still and always will be there for them. Next step is up to them. Give this person a chance to try things on her own. Bet she gets lonely and comes back.

    I know your hurting and confused. But know it is normal for friendsips to move in different directions. Just remember a true friend is "one who walks in when the rest of the world is walking away." You've got friends here, let them help you through this ok?
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    Thanks. And yes, that does sound a lot like what I'm having...We're still friends,we just aren't as close as we used to be and I asked her why...I'm not as attatched as I used to be becuase she's hurt me so many times...Sometimes she'll act nicer and different and then other times I mean nothing to her and she confuses me so much...My friend tells me to break it off but I won't.
    I'm already miserable with the physical distance. The emotional and mental distance will literally kill me.
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    I'm really sorry you are having to go through this. Is there anything I can do to help? I have 3 teenage kids and they seem to be able to talk to me about anything. I'm a great listener and I'll offer any help I can :arms:
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    It's really nice of you to put up with my whining...She doesn't even really do that anymore either...If I'm upset she usually says "Well I can't help you" or something along those lines...
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    If they are going to be like that and treat you like that then they aren't real friends right? :hug: I know it hurts but you deserve a lot better than how they have treated you. If you need to talk you can PM me anytime.