Heart of Hatred.

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    I'm sick and tired of living my life thinking of revenge everyday. It's gotten to a point where I actually have a list of certain people that need to just DIE! I have done nothing to them, but they have all treated me like shit and made my life a living HELL! The sad thing is, they've all gotten away with what they've done to me, and it's thanks to them that I'm like this now. I can't seem to let go of what they did, I will never forget everything they put me through. I hate them so much that I find myself fantasising about killing them myself, and every night I lay in bed, crying to myself praying that they die soon or suffer in pain somehow, it seems like the only thing that they can do to make me feel better is to rot underground where they belong and hopefully burn in Hell for the shit they've done! I'm so angry all the time, I find myself not being able to trust anyone after trusting them only to have them turn around and break that trust. I hate it, I can't stop breaking down everyday knowing that even though I think of hurting them physically, I can never bring myself to do it. The HATRED is taking over me, how can it stop?! ='(
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    You've made the first step in acknowledging you don't want to be thinking of vengeance all the tiime. You need to resolve the issues in your past that cause this hatred and anger. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk this over...
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    *sends you a tight hug* :hug:
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    Yea I know what it's like.

    My anger tends to flare every now and then, but not an awful lot. One of my worst situations is that I think I'm never going to be happy. So because people are basically infuriating me and I can't be happy I think to myself: "Well ya know what? I think I'll just kill 'em all". I think of it as a kind of suicide plot. I'd go on a rampage and then kill myself. Or of course I'd be shot by the cops or something.

    Then there's just the other times where I'd walk infront of a train, not really affecting anyone.

    What did they do? If you're comfortable saying it. :) :hug: