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Heart problems?

Discussion in 'Self Care and Healthy Lifestyles' started by Hae-Gi, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Hae-Gi

    Hae-Gi Banned Member

    This past night, when trying to sleep, I was trying to fall asleep, by resting on my hands, and, since my hands pushed against my ear, I could hear my pulse. I noticed my heart was skipping beats; in half a minute, it skipped three beats. It skipped at least two beats, shortly afterwards, as well. Does anyone know if this is normal? Also, minutes ago, I felt a very weird feeling where my heart is, but maybe that's just in my mind... but three missed beats in half a minute seems very bad. I don't know of any heart problems among relatives, and those on my mother's side, at least, live for very long. I don't like doctors, so I don't want to go see one... and what could they do, anyway? Replacing my heart, if it would be very defective, is out of the question... I could never replace anything in my body with someone else's organs...
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    When you listen to your heart this way it can be very deceiving and appear to have an arrthymia when its perfectly fine.
    Have you had dizzy spells, chest pain or black outs?
    If yes to any of the above then a simple ECG will give some indication of heart arrthymia and there is loads of treatment available and need not be a life threatening problem.
  3. Hae-Gi

    Hae-Gi Banned Member

    I have chest pains quite frequently... sometimes it has come from nowhere, as if I'm stabbed, almost, despite me not having thought about my heart, at all. I also become dizzy, at times, when I rise up too quickly, but that probably has more to do with my low blood pressure.

    I wasn't very tired, when this happened, either, so tiredness didn't cause it. Also, I'm sure beats were missed... the other beats were very soundly. They were, perhaps, not completely missed, though; I did hear very faint beats, instead... but they barely were beats, at all... they were very, very faint... and I listened very carefully. Also, other times that I've been listening to my beat, I haven't heard anything like this... so it cannot be that I was mistaken. The severe chest pains have, by the way, happened for years... although it's very seldom. Usually, it's just a slight pain.
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  4. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    I'd definetly have an ECG Hae, if just to put your mind at rest. It's a very simple procedure, takes minutes and doesn't involve any needles :biggrin:
    The results will be available straight away too.
    If you are missing or having extra beats then they can investigate further.
  5. nicolainthedark

    nicolainthedark New Member

    I would recommend you see your doctor. I get quite a few heart palpitations and can feel the pulse in my ears - even when lying in bed. The palpitations cause a fluttery feeling in my chest and its very scary. My psychologist says its because of my anxiety.