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heartbreak and scarfs

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by persiangrl, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. persiangrl

    persiangrl New Member

    its my birthday, and incidentaly... valentines day

    so my boyfriend of about 6 years comes to visit me

    (we live in two different states now)

    everything is going dandy... until one of my classmates calls with a question abou the homework

    boyfriend goes apeshit becuase im speaking with a male of the human species

    he leaves without any notice , while im in the other room

    i try to call, his phone has been disconnected

    im panicking, this happens just as im about to leave for a very important class

    i wait for him to come back, for an hour and a half
    just waiting

    then i have to go to work

    i take some klonopin to calm my nerves *(a bit more than prescribed)

    drive to work, everyone thinks im high

    i still cant get in touch with him

    finally , after my 9845749857498th call to him, the phone rings and he picks up

    my stomach is in knots

    he says hes driven all the way back to his house several states away

    i cant believe he abandoned me on valentines day AND my birthday , both very important days to me..... because a classmate called me for help on a homework problem

    im fucking losing my mind, i cant take this shit anymore... i try calling him and getting him to understand just how serious this situation is getting, at this point ive taken even more medication to stay sane

    he says im being 'dramatic' and turns off his phone (which he knows drives me even more crazy)

    im convincedhe wants me to kill myself, knowing that im already mentally unstable and then treating me so poorly

    but thats besides the point

    the fucking pain is becoming unbearable, it needs to stop ... i cant keep up like this

    hanging seems most practical at this point, im concerned about who will take care of my pet bunny though

    <mod edit: bunny - methods>

    im not into anything gorey, i tried punching myself in the face before going to work and all i managed to get was a mess from a bloody nose...

    by the way, does anyone else here hit themself?
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  2. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    Hmmm sounds to me like he wants you to submit over anything. He sounds a lot like my dad and brothers. They demand complete obedience and when that is violated they fuck with your head. Look I know he has been around you for 6 years. But if he is getting all bent out of shape JUST BECAUSE there is another male in your life nothing good will come of your future relationship. Because lets face it you cannot only interact with females from here on out.

    My advice would be to end this relationship. Just straight out end it, maybe be friends but do not be significant others or lovers or anything of that nature. Just end it, to be honest what is to stop him from channeling his anger into a physical form, IE beating you?

    I have absolutely ZERO experience in the field of dealing with females on a friend basis much less on a significant other basis. But I have observed plenty of relationships to know when I see a bad one. If your boyfriend cannot deal with you being around other males then what are you going to do should you decide it is a good idea to get married? Lie around your house confided to cleaning and being a fuck toy? Just think about it, sounds to me like he does not trust you like you might trust him. And if you need one thing in ANY relationship it is trust.

    Anyway that is it for my advice.
  3. Allo..

    Allo.. Well-Known Member

    Firstly, happy birthday.
    I don't really know what to say about you and him..
    I hope it works out :hug: