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  1. loopy

    loopy Well-Known Member

    Why wont he leave me alone. I cant take any more texts, he made his choice so why keep contacting me. Doesnt he understand evrytime he texts or emails me he sends me falling right down to the bottom. I was not so bad yesterday and now can feel myself dropping back to suicide level.

    I wish I could go to bed tonight and not wake up but I know that aint gonna happen cos ive begged for it so many times.

    I need a way to kill myself but make it look like natural causes. I really dont want to mess my kids heads up

  2. loopy

    loopy Well-Known Member

    And he is still bloody emailing me. Stupid B*****rd :sad:
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    BLOCK his emails change you phone number so he can't text you Have no contact with him then he will understand no mean no contact at all. technology allows this so use it.
  4. loopy

    loopy Well-Known Member

    Ive broken my sim so he cant text me but i dont know how to block him on email site. ive done a search but nothing comes up.
    i love him but cant talk to him as it tears me apart. he wants to stay friends and doesnt want to lose me but he is with another woman and that hurts :(
  5. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    I need a way to kill myself but make it look like natural causes. I really dont want to mess my kids heads up
    no matter how you go youre gonna mess your kids up with the grief and loss...
    he's not worth dying over
    If blocking him doesn't work get a restraining order to stop him contacting you...
    do you want to talk about what he's saying in the texts?
  6. loopy

    loopy Well-Known Member

    hes just confusing me really. im trying to explain now why i cant talk to him to make hm understand. i have to let him go cos its killin me but he is having teouble letting go, we were best friends as well as the other stuff. he doesnt want to lose me as a friend but doesnt seam to grasp that i cant be friends with him now he dumped me for another girl.

    i dunno, im so worn out now. i dont even know what to do myself. just want all this pain and heartache to end.
  7. loopy

    loopy Well-Known Member

    Just answered his emails and he has promised not to contact me again which is what I need.

    So why does it feel so bad. Why do I feel like I want to die