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The first thread I wrote was about relationship problems...they mainly contribute to my depression, other things being that my life just sucks in general. All I ever wanted was a chance with this guy and he couldn't give me one after four years of online hell when he said he loved me, it was all a lie. I'm having suicidal thoughts again and I even thought I might have to direct someone's attention to it in my life soon. I want to tell my therepist, I had an appointment with her last week but it was cancelled :( I really needed to see her. Nobody seems to understand how serious I am I guess. I really need help, I can admit it.

The medicine I'm on isn't doing a damn thing for me either. My therepist proved it even.

I just want to be rid of these horrible feelings and to be over this person that has caused me so much heartache.


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It's normal to feel greif when a loved one leaves you..It takes time to heal, but heal you will.. You will soon discover that he wasn't worth your time..There will be others as you continue down the path of life..Don't let this relationship turn you bitter.. Get out there and keep your eyes open because Mr. Right is out there.. I wish you all the best...
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