Heartburn and acid reflux

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    Dunno if this is the right place to post this or if anyone can help but I suffer from really bad heartburn and acid reflux (just woken me up after 3 hours sleep :dry: ) and am wondering if anyone knows of anything I can drink without it making it worse.

    I know milk and water are meant to be ok but I'm going to a pub tonight and I've decided to stop drinking for a while cos I know that it makes it worse .. so I'm wondering what I can drink at the pub tonight?

    I've noticed things listed that can make it worse include: Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, Carbonated drinks and Citrus drinks ... to me that doesn't leave a lot of choice!
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  3. *dilligaf*

    *dilligaf* Staff Alumni

    Thanks hun -goes to read-
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    Milk isn't actually much help either, given that it's fatty (prevents the stomach from draining) and contains protein - protein stimulates the stomach to release acid. Water is the best choice, so you're pretty much out of luck at a pub. :( (You could consume other beverages if you have an antacid along, though.)

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heartburn#Positional_therapy Sleeping on your left side with your head elevated can help the nighttime heartburn, however.
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    I had chronic heartburn when i was pregnant mainly at night and i found Gaviscon worked for me.....
  6. *dilligaf*

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    Hey, thanks for the reply :) I think I might just have to take my beloved antacids with me tonight :laugh: And thanks for the link .. Very interesting .. I'll try sleeping on my left side when I go to bed in a few and see if it works :)

    And Lexi .. I use Rennie .. Just wish that I could have a day without having to take one :(
  7. ~Tosh~

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    Have you been to the doctors about it?
  8. *dilligaf*

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    I'm gonna go this week I think, cos it just keeps getting worse
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    well best of luck!! Probably the best idea :hug:
  10. *dilligaf*

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    Thanks :) :hug:
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    One cure for you: Gaviscon ;) :hug:
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    I suggest sipping on ice water when you go out.
  13. bluegrey

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    I have been living with GERD for over 15 years. The worst triggers of acid reflux are salty foods, carbonated beverages, peppermint/spearmint (relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter), highly acidic foods (tomato sauce) and cruciferous vegetables. The typical treatment is the proton pump inhibitor class of drugs- Prevacid or Prilosec and they are disasterous. Run from them! The other drugs are the motility/lower esophogeal strengthening class but in my experience they only had minimal benefits.

    The holy grail, as of 2010, of GERD treatment is the bed wedge to keep your torso upright (elevating the bed does NOT work well enough). I sleep on the thickest- the 12 inch model available from pharmacy/medical supply stores. This sonofabitch wedge is extremely uncomfortable without a very soft down pillow at it's top and a small memory- foam pillow at it's bottom- just about under the small of your back.

    Another tip: the bed wedge is hard as a brick as purchased. Wrap it in a sheet, put it on the floor a step on it until it softens up nicely. I hope you can use some of this advice- GERD is a miserably life compromising condition. Good luck!!:IrishDoll:
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    They're typically well-tolerated as far as side effects go and they're quite effective. You may have had bad experiences personally, but that's not typical and you shouldn't be knocking on them (without proof), as it can prevent others from getting the help they need.
  15. *dilligaf*

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    I hve some atm and it seems to give me about an hours relief at a time :wub:

    I'll try this, thanks :)

    Thanks hun :hug:
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    Nothing works better for me than Peppermint Tea, has to me peppermint and I know a lot of people that this has worked for.

    Over the counter Prolisec (omperazole) totally shuts down acid production-period but for some reason does not seem to work that great for reflux and I am not sure why but it does help and is over the counter so no doctor visit so that is nice.

    Also ask your doctor for a drug called Sucralafate (Carafate) this is an amazing in that it coats the stomach so much so htat you can not take meds for up to an hour as the lining is so coated no absorption can take place. . Now I does nothing to cure/heal the reflux so doctors seem reluctant to prescribe it but they do so in babies in a heart beat as the lining in their G I tract is thin so to speak and the risk for perforating ulcer very high...again this one is from a doctor only and works like in 15 minutes to soothe the burn.

    I keep Peppermint tea with me all the time for it is immediate soothing effect so I would pick some up and give it a try.

    Also I have heard Aloe Vera Juice is good as a daily aid to prevent burn and you don't have to take but a small glass full a day.
  17. *dilligaf*

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    Thanks for the advice there. Ill try it!
  18. bluegrey

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    Proton pump inhibitors do reduce stomach acid but this is a highly unnatural state for your body's second (after chewing) step in many of the full and healthy digestive processes. PPI drugs inhibit calcium absorption (B-12 also), calcium (skeletal health) needs a relatively highly acidic enviornment in the stomach to be sufficiently absorbed. Long term users of the highly effective PPI meds have far higher hip fracture incidence than non-users.

    PPI drugs are not recommend for patients with a history of pneumonia or other respiratory infections because the acid reduction in the stomach is suspected in allowing bacterial/viral pathogens to pass through the stomach. I have a congenital heart defect and see a cardiologist and HE blames my being on Prilosec for causing massive scarring of the pericardial sac around my heart from a bacterial infection my immune system may have otherwise controlled.

    There are so many other very serious side effects from the proton pump inhibitor class of drugs and in general from the reducing of the acid level in your stomach that I recommend only controlling GERD thoroughly and effectively through lifestyle and dietary modifications. Please research any medication you are taking. There were recently two NSAID medications and a diabetes drug pulled from the market because of directly/indirectly causing atherosclerosis (heart attacks and strokes).

    (steps off of soap box) Be well! :IrishDoll:
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  19. aoeu

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    That seems much more balanced and helpful, thank you for the revision.
  20. morning rush

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    i take nexium for my reflux and heart burn every day...when its really bad though I take peptobismol.

    I used to take prevacid but it didnt help me at all...nexium keeps it in check...I rarely have pain at all...