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I have been thinking lately and things in my life have changed 100% im finally trusting a guy with everything again. We laugh together , we cry together we do everything together ( but fukk ) I have given this guy everything. I have done alot i have messed up friendships for this guy i have forgoottin about a few things. Caleb is his name, ahah he is like my dream guy.. we talk all the time, but what has me going crazy is we arent together, we are like friends with benefits that only are with each other ... if that makes sense. Anyways i dont know what to do . i'd really like to know what others think. :/


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Why aren't you together?? It sounds like you love him..How long have you been seeing each other?? I would just take it slow and let things fall into place..


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hi :)
If you have lost friends for him and forgotten things (does that mean he done stuff wrong u have overlooked) thats not really a good thing. But yes it does sound like you love him and maybe you could ask him if he feels the same?

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I agree with the above. Why don't you tell him how you feel? It sounds like you already have a great relationship


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Stranger1 ; Well i am in love with himmm <3 he is everything i have ever asked forr, we hold hands, kiss, && he has even met my familyy. :) butt he is popular && im nott.. we arent together cuss he says he isnt ready for a relationshipp. :( ehh still soo confused

Shadowgirl ; Yeah last thursday he kissed some chick.. i didnt go to scchool that day i went to the hospital .. soo he toook his chance to kisss some other chick .. :( i found out last friday i flipped a b**ch && then he was like, " Babe, please dont leave mee! I love you with everything. I seriously made a mistake && i regret it" <<< Thats what took my breathe away you know what i meann ... :'(

Mr.E ; I have told him how i feel like every f**king day i tell him.. i doo have a good relationshipp.. i meann friendship:(
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