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I know this topic has been discussed before, but all the threads on it are really brief.

What are your thoughts about what awaits you after suicide?
What's your vision of where you believe or hope your soul will exist?
Do you think you will go to hell?
Do you hesitate to Exit based on your spiritual beliefs?

There are 7 suicides in the bible and none of them are openly condemned for doing so. I do believe in God, but cannot imagine (or understand) how a compassionate God could send someone to eternal damnation just because they felt they could not endure their pain.

I suppose I'm just confused and conflicted about the issue.
Personally, I don't believe in a god or gods. I believe that the closest thing to a soul we have are the electrical pulses in our brain. So I believe that if those pulses stop then we cease to exist. Of course our bodies are still around, but that's all. I'm quite curious exactly what oblivion is like. I'm wondering when I'll have the guts to find out?


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I believe religion is based on myth and superstition. It's man made, like marriage. A myth about a God called Dionisces almost mirrors that of Jesus but the myth started long before the birth of Christ. Some churches are fantastically rich. How can they square that when they know people are homeless and starving. Surely prayer can take place in a wooden shack or a tent. Look and you will see the hypocrisy everywhere you turn. People believe because they can't accept that this life is all there is. Why do so many people believe in something based on a book written hundreds of years ago. I do not wish to denigrate any religion but this is just my own personal belief. Evil is caused my ignorance. You will not go to hell. Just get what pleasure you can from this miserable life.


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The Bible certainly is contradictory, also very violent - I've been reading it start to finish, and am just now up to Judges. I like the New Testament much better, as it's about loving one's neighbor, whereas the Old Testament is more about conquest and other mean and hateful people and actions. As far as my viewpoints: I consider myself a christian but am open to many religious perspectives, particularly the eastern ones. Gandhi is my hero. I do believe in a loving and just God, by whatever name He is called. And as I saw on a bumper sticker once: GOD IS TOO BIG TO FIT INSIDE JUST ONE RELIGION. I agree.

Religion and spirituality is a very personal choice and I respect others' perspectives and choices. I will never claim that mine is the only way or the best way, as we all see things from our own personal viewpoint. I'm open on this subject, as this subject is very much open to personal interpretation.

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I tend to agree with DarkVortex. Once our brain stops we are nothing but worm food. I wish I could believe in an after life. It’s a nice thought and I envy anyone who truly has faith in such things. I just can't seem to convince myself that something as preposterous as eternal life after death exists though.

As far as believing the god portrayed in the Bible is a compassionate god – well I’ll quote Mark Twain.

“Most people are bothered by those passages of Scripture they do not understand, but the passages that bother me are those I do understand.”
personally im not religous, i believe religion was made by man, but thats what i believe, and if soemone believes their religion is correct and god does exist hen so be it, i respect that.

Might sound stupid but i believe there is some kind of after life, in spirits, ghost etc. many people may believe that the spirits are in relation the god and his religion, but i believe there is this after live but i dont believe there is a god, im some peoples eye that might make me a hippercrit but i believe what i believe and you believe what you believe, not everyone in this earth will think the same, or believe the same things, i personally believe that the world would be a pretty boring place if you all believed the same things.

I think after death physically we're gone, but maybe in a spiritual way we remain, wether thats try i dunno and no one will truely know what happens after death until the even happens to them.

As i dont believe in god i can't comment on the subject of the bible contradictiong itself regarding suicide, but if we commint suicide is that murder? i believe so, its murder of ourself, the 6th commandment if 'thou shall not kill' suicide is killing, but the bible still has people killing themselfs even tho god sees all killing as wrong, why have people killing themselfs in the bible but say killing is wrong?

Society sees suicide as wrong, but is it wrong? many people will say it is or say it isn't theres no real answer, everyone will have their own opinon on this subject, for example

a man is in a burning house, no way out, he knows hes going to die. Theres a gun next to him, is it wrong to commint suicide to avoid that being burned alive, people will say no. But what if someones in emotonal pain and see no way out, and intend on commiting suicide, at the end of the day we all die sometime, but why is that seen as wrong? its their life, they can choose what they do, but society constantly changes its opinions on the subject over and over again, there no real answer to wether suicide is wrong


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Albert Einstein believed in an afterlife of sorts. Because he asserted that our internal energy just doesn't die. There is something beyond mortality, I believe.


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Very interesting that alot of people that want to commit suicide dont believe in a God.Yet most "happy" people do.Anyway,I never really read any religions(been thinking about looking into buhddism since supposidly there is no judging of others which sounds pretty sweet)but I would think the messages would be about helping others and treating others like family.So if everyone followed those messages everything would be alot better.Definately alot less posts on this board!
"I just can't understand a "God" that would give his own creations the gift of curiosity, intellegince, and logic just to punish them for using them" -Stephin Hawkins

(I appologize for the misspelled words. I'm a bit dyslexic.)
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