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    I got the hump with people at the moment. Asking me why will only upset people on here and i cant be arsed with that at the moment.

    Until people stop and have some fucking consideration for other people then ill remain the same fucking way. Seems all people wanna do is make everyone feel as unwelcome as humanly possible and its like when did this site become like that? Or is it just me this is happening to?

    Everytime i start cheering up theres always people who just wanna make sure you stay where you are.

    Oh and anyone try hijacking this thread and taking it completely off topic and totally ignoring everyone else's posts can turn around and post elsewhere
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    Tell ya what, seeing as my posts are being deleted, delete this thread and close my account as well while your at it
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    I donno whats up but hey, here's a smile :)

    Where exactly does all this shit take place? In the chat or msn? Those two are really quick forms of communication, so if you have two depressed people talking, they can spiral downwards really quickly.
    Im just wondering if these people you are mentioning are from SF. They might not mean to. They might be reading you wrong.

    It sucks when it happens, but if you have a good position with someone before you go into a chat, and then the chat goes south, it's up to you to hold onto that good part and not let the negativity that happens in the chat affect who you are and the person you are talking to. Being stronger than things like that, will make you personally stronger. This sort of shit that youre posting about is going to monpolize your time until you can stand against it and not give up any bit of you.

    Best wishes chuck. It's just something to think about atleast.
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    Its happening on here. Im banned from chat on here. Msn i get ignored in general by everyone lately, skype, well best not go into that, facebook is just a constant arguement with my family.

    People have no repect for me, i dont feel like i can trust anyone because its been thrown back in my face time and time again. I dont really feel i get any support on here anymore, i certainly dont feel like i can say what i think and when i do i get more or less told to shut up and fuck off but not quite as harshly. I just...... i dont know its like no-one actually gives a flying fuck about me. Its like im here to be shitted on from a great height and im supposed to sit here and let people dump their problems on me and totally ignore me when im having a rough time.
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    Reminding people about things have happened in the past at moments where they might appear to be re-hashing the same old issues is a dodgy thing to do. I've found it requires a delicate touch, and in alot of cases just because you can, it's sometimes better to let someone find it out for themselves. Though sometimes we need a little reminder, even if it hurts.

    I don't know the circumstances involved between everyone, but dont forget that they're depressed aswell, and possibly their expression is tainted by that depression. Im not justifying it, youre not a punching bad, nor are they.

    Id becareful who you confide in and whom you let to confide in you. Remember, you're here for you, not anyone else. It might be nice to make friends here, but most people here are depressed, so those friends are going to be in bad spots too, and might look to you. And if youre in a depressive mood, and they are, it can just spiral down to shit where petty remarks and shit comes out. When infact, it's not really how either of you want to be.

    Like right now, I don't think you want to be like this. The best thing you can do I think is to try and remember how you want to be. That point where youre calm and in control, and open. (or however it is for you)

    You've got a alot of shit written in that last post about other people, but it's all about other people. At the end of the day, you make yourself care as much as you do, and you can change that. You can choose to look at yourself more, rather than at how other people are affecting you. Peoples shit will come and go. Learn from it, and try to keep your cool everytime you think about it. I bet it makes you heated. thats the time to listen to yourself and keep your cool through that shit, so you can push it aside, and deal with the real issues instead of the irrelevant bullshit people throw at you.

    If you reply to me, im not being ignorant, Im just heading off to sleep. 5:20 am here. :S Stay positive dude, and look after yourself from this sort of waste of time stuff. Just my opinon. Best wishes.
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    Im off anyway, that damn avatar is giving me a headache again.

    Seriously, if 3 people are gonna post one after another please change the avatar, page after page of all the colours of a rainbow is not good on anyones eyes.
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    grrrrr im back, kinda ..................... my rabbit seems to have the right idea by sleeping but my mind wont shut up and fuck off.

    I think id better clarify something as well regarding my last post on here. Theres a reason im getting a headache and its nothing to do with the avatar. I figured it out just now. Because its a rainbow it is a lot of colour. I have a high def laptop...

    lots of colour+highdef = splitting headache
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    I loves you all on here really
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