height ruins my life, makes dating and friends hard to get

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    I've never had sex, never kissed a girl sober (all 6 in my 22 year life were random drunk at bars, far less than how many times I've gone), got bullied, ridiculed, and even sexually assaulted when I was a kid, and had aspergers so I never got to learn the social skills I needed to be socially successful. I'm now a junior in college and most people in my frat don't like me, I have been in trouble with them for excessive drinking and being a "creep" to girls, altho I've never been accused of anything specific. I've tried to change, and largely have done so, but sometimes it feels you cannot change what other people think "who you are."
    My only "friends" here in the true sense of the word is these two kids who use me for things, and me, having wanted people I could open up and share with, told them too much about myself. They didn't invite me anywhere tonight, they're a grade lower on the other campus. People are fake and superficial here, the only things people like are sports and current popular culture. I used to play sports in HS (only to become "cool" and get girls) and am currently trying to catch up, and I like some current popular culture, but never got into shows like Lost, Entourage, etc. which everyone else watches. I haven't seen The Hangover either. I watched more movies when I was younger, but without many friends to hang out with, I will not go alone. I've seen a few new movies, but most of the ones I like are from before 2004-5ish. I'm into politics, world events, music, but at my school those things are almost socially "weird."

    Thing is I cannot transfer because I have way too many credits to do so, and it would cost a ton of money. Given my height and the fact I'm white with black hair, my Jewishness is not easy to hide, so I don't bother anymore. All I want is to lose my v-card, be loved, cuddle, kiss, etc. I at least want a one night stand to be validated and mean something in life. I will never pay for sex, because having tried paying for certain things, I can say that it feels like nothing but a product. You pay for plastic, iron, metal, but not human skin. I don't have a group of friends at home, and I don't have a clique here. Its very cliquey here. I have like 2-4 girl-friends scattered around campus, but thats it. My life is worthless. I feel like gathering the courage to end my life already.

    I have improved my girl skills, like at this seminar class I took, but it was only for two weeks. I'm now back at school. What can I do?
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    Keep on truckin', so to speak. Interact with any girls you can, except AVOID SAYING ANYTHING RELATED TO SEX OR DATING because that may label you as a "creep". Look up ways to increase your height, and look into online dating (when emailing/messaging, again avoid sex/dating).
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    Its impossible to do that. At least blacks who don't like their blackness, like Michael Jackson, can lighten their skin. The most I can do is have my leg bones broken and spend a year in a wheelchair, if not more, risking complications to still only gain an inch or two. I wish I were dead. My life is hopeless. The real world is scary because there is no easier time for dating and social things than high school and college. The workplace will be hell, because even if I get something I really like, I'd still have to make friends, and deal with girls who don't wanna cuddle with me, touch me, kiss me, hold me, love me, let alone fuck me, and nothing makes me madder than girls who are not interested in me. I have it all! I am smart, somewhat athletic, talented, so where is my keep??? Oh no, but short people aren't people. Girls have boyfriends and look into marriage too in their 20's nowadays, and it will only get worse out of college. If I have to see my peers and people I know get married or continue fucking girls and having relationships while I'm a virgin loser, I want to die. I cannot stand it anymore!!!!
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    He's in college. The only thing he can do to increase his height is get expensive plastic surgery or hope he still has a little puberty yet. Also, I'm sure there are women out there shorter than him.
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    Not so, the spine can be extended by certain exercises, and there are subtle platform shoes in existence. As I said, look up ways to increase your height.
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    Maybe you should attend a Little People Convention. You could smooth talk your way through the dwarf population.
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    Many girls don't care about hight. My first bf is really short, he was shorter than me when we were together, and he has no problems getting girls. Just be confident in who you are. If you love yourself other people will too.
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    Well from what I can tell unless a short guy has a napoleon complex or bitches and moan about being short all the time, chicks in general don't give two shits about the height of a guy.

    That is unless their size queens.
  9. My first boyfriend was much shorter than I was. He seemed pretty comfortable with the height difference, as he was so short that nearly all his earlier girlfriends had been taller than he. I do think it has quite a bit to do with attitude. So please don't give up hope!

    That, and it's not that uncommon to still be a virgin at 22. One of my good friends didn't lose her virginity until she was 29 (she was brought up in a religious family and didn't leave the church until she was in her late 20s--but that's another story). She was just beautiful, too, and used to tell me how she wished she could meet another male virgin so they could both go through with it together. Anyway. I don't know if this helps, but please don't consider your school the whole world. There are so many others out there with stories similar to yours.

    As a girl, what I find more troubling than your height is what you were writing about women. We're human beings too, not things to possess or own or accomplish in some way! If a guy seemed to think he were entitled to me sleeping with him it'd be a pretty big turn-off. You said you had a few female friends. Maybe you could work on getting to know them better, if only to learn more about women and what they're really like underneath. It can't hurt... :)
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    I just lold so hard at this.
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    IMO, self-confidence is much more important than height when it comes to attracting girls. One of my buddy is 5.4, an ex-stripper and had no shortage of girlfriends over the years. I think maybe you are focusing way to much on height instead of what's positive with you.

    I like what Another-Audrey wrote. Its a major turn-off when a guy only has in mind when he will get some instead of trying first to get to know the girl and see her as a person. Respect and friendship should be put first, and then if something happens, its all good.
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