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  1. Astronaut

    Astronaut Member

    I've been putting my intro off, but I'll give it a try.

    This forum has alreadybeen verry helpful to me. There is something about talking to other people who share the same illness that is really bonding.

    I struggle with suicidal thoughts, have been hospitalized for 8 days ( for anyone curious about what a mental hospital is like just ask) previously for it, I occasionally hallucinate at night. I hear music that isn't there. I'm convinced I have bipolar of some kind, but no one diagnoses me with it so that's frustrating cause I wanna fix it. Any who, I'm glad to have found ya'll. :)
  2. boo

    boo Well-Known Member

    Hiya and welcome. Glad you decided to post.
  3. Epidermouse

    Epidermouse Member

    Hey! I've been to a mental hospital too. There I was diagnosed with schizoprehnia, and autism. Which apparently, I never knew I had. I've had a very interesting life. and I know... how a mental hospital is. We had kid's banging on walls and ramming into the doors, in seclusion. Also, I'd always have to take a sedation drug. It was terrible, worst feeling ever. It made you tired, but you always wnated to stay awake D: I hated it...

    I'm glad you're out of the hospital that sucks for anyone!
    And welcome to the fourm.
  4. Astronaut

    Astronaut Member

    thanks boo, and thanks epidermouse! dude, those hospitals are desgined for sucking your soul dry I swear. No shoelaces, no pencils ( i had to write everything in crayon), and NO clocks! I was lucky I got put on the laid back unit. My little brother has autisim too, it's pretty severe.
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