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Hello again SF! A bit about Panda.

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Well Hello everyone :) I'm *****.. Yes I would like to keep myself annonymous here so please call me Panda. I've been on SF before, about 3 years ago as I had a little bit of a breakdown and well.. lost it really. Had a bit of a crisis and was depressed for a while but you lovely people helped me get back on my feet!
I'm rejoining, as a different user name because 1) I forgot my details ^^; 2)I want to be annonymous as my last username contained my RL name.

So yes. Hello Again. Its good to be back. Having said that; I've come back for a reason... Life is a little bit sh*t really aye? And I've been worried about my mental health recently; so many things I need to get off my chest and I can't really talk to people IRL about it out of fear they will tell my mother (I'm deathly afraid of here, if you want to know why and can advise me on that please see my posts when I begin posting away). I also feel people who won't tell my mother, I just dont trust them or know them well enough.
So its time for me to run into the arms of a stranger again!

I also want to do a diary every day to post my mood and things because for a couple of years now I've wondered whether or not I have Bipolar disorder. My year really does consist of magor ups and downs so I thought if I monitor my mood every day then perhaps I can see if theres a trend (then again there isnt much of a trend with Bipolar is there?) so yeah, if anyone knows -anything- at all about B.P - PLEASE PLEASE contact me.

Thanks for reading this wall of text :)

Panda x
Hey Panda :) welcome back to SF.I hope you find the same amount of support and kindness that you found last time you were here. If you ever need to talk, my PM box is always open


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HI and so glad you thought to come back to us, although I wish it were under better circumstances...is there anyway for you to be evaluated so that you can see if what you suspect may be the problems affecting you? Although you do not want your parents to know what is going on, are you best served by keeping your difficulties secret? Is there anyone else you trust that you can talk to? Again, welcome again and I hope you get the support and caring you seek here...big hugs, J


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Thank you guys :)
Well, my family arnt very supportive and when my mother last found out I was stressed and having problems she just called me pathetic, saying I felt sorry for myself. =/ She is also having some problems too at the moment with the rest of the family (2 younger brothers who may be disabled though waiting on brain scans and an older brother who is having troubles getting into college or a job ect because of his disabilities) so I don't want to be a burden on her. She'll also probably guilt trip me saying that I've got no problems compared to her, but then she knows like nothing about me. Egh.
I have a boyfriend I can talk to about my problems but again I don't want to be a burden on him, we've not been dating very long plus he lives on the other side of the world to me.
Again thanks for your messages guys, a nice warm welcome indeed. :)

Panda x
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