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Hello all to you lovely souls.

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Just joined and want to simply say HELLO and THANK YOU for all of you who are here. The sharing is invaluable and I glean so much. I hope to be able to attempt to contribute an interact. I am stymied by agoraphobia, massive anxiety and panic attacks. But, hopefully that will gradually dissipate as I can very well see this is an incredibly supportive space

Many thoughts of kindness and respect to you.



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Thanks for taking the time on your first post to thank everyone!

I take it you've read quite a bit here - and decided to open up a little.

I've felt like killing myself 1,000 times or more - and wanted <edit mod total eclipse method> into me!

Obviously - that's overkill!

But I'm sharing it and don't mind doing so!

Welcome - hope you find that speaking out a little and contributing makes you feel part of the place also - you'll get to know people - I'm in England myself - fancy a pint?


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welcome D/A to SF's..; hopefully you will get comfortable enuf on here to talk some more with us.. done agoraphobia myself not so long ago.. this condition is treatable with some kindness and support from caring people. we would be very glad to give you that anytime. tc, Jim
Wow! What a lovely, warm welcome. Thank you so much. I hope to be able to push a bit out of that comfort zone and extend to be able to interact, support and just be in this space.

May you all find warmth in your souls, peace in mind and some magic :stars: in the many moments we all have to delight in.

With gratitude.

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