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Hello all

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Hi all!

I’m a 24 years old boy, my name is Mirko and I’m from eastern Europe, so sorry if my english is sometimes not so good :D

I don’t know what to write, I don’t really know what I’m doing here :P
I made a suicide attempt a year ago, I was serious about that, it was unsuccessful because of some technical issues :P In the last year, I was just „existing”. I was under psychiatric treatment, but we just talked over and over about stupid things in my life… I don’t think it helped at all (partly, because I couldn’t be honest with her…). And now I’m seriously thinking about suicide again.
I don’t really know what’s the problem with me, I don’t have family issues, I don’t have financial problems, I don’t have problems with girls (except that I don’t have the willpower to maintain a relationship), I have close friends etc. so I don’t have serious issues, just I feel myself very confused, I cannot cope with the world, I cannot find my place, who I am, this whole world is just too strange to me! I didn’t want to born here :( And this makes me impossible to achieve anything since a looooong time ago.

Okay enough of me I just wanted to say hi you all :) It’s great to tell people these things who know what I’m speaking about, and they don’t look at me like I am mad/stupid.

Btw how can I make a custom avatar? I can only see in User CP the „do not use an avatar” and „pre-defined avatars” options.

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Hi DEsertwolf just want to welcome you to SF hun glad to see you reaching out for support If you go to user CP top of the screen here you can click on it and you will see a list one has edit avatar use that to add avatar okay hugs


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Hiya, Desertwolf! :hiya: I like your new avatar and username. They fit like pieces of a puzzle. Oh, and welcome to the forums here! :)
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