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lost soul


I have just found this forum and think it looks really cool and friendly. I am going through a really bad time at the moment.. :sad:

I am hoping to get to know people, and giving and recieving support from and for others..



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hi there, :)
Welcome to the forum. Great to hear that you find this place cool and friendly,I agree :)
Sorry to hear you are going through a rough time, though glad you got here to reach out for support and understanding.
If you're up to share more about you and what's going on in you're life we'll be here for you and help you pass this times safely.
Take good care of you,

ps_ just saw you post on the rape and abuse section, about sharing more of yourself.
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Dear LostSoul;

It is indeed very friendly here.:smile: I think you'll find the love and support you are seeking. None of us here are professionals but we're all experienced listeners and experienced at feeling bad, so we know how to comfort. :smile: :smile:

Welcome to the forum. I hope you find the love and support and hope you need!:smile: :smile:


only 810 more days of the shrub's reign of terror and domination! Yay!!....if we can survive that long...
Welcome to SF, glad you found us and decided to join. I hope you like it here and get every bit of support you need. I am sure everyone is here for you and will try there best. Someone peplies are slower then others..alot of us are having crisis or problems, so we won't always be really speedy, but usaully replies come in fairly quick....but don't ever think anyone is ignoring you. I am here if you need anything ot want to talk or need to talk, It would be a pleasure speaking with you or even listening if you need someone to listen.

Take care and if you want my MSN or Yahoo it's in my signature bellow, you and everyone can add me. :hug:

:hug: :hug:

:welcome: :hiya:


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:welcome: to SF. I am glad you came upon us and found us to be a friendly place. You will find a great deal of caring and supportive people. I am looking forward to seeing more of you. :hug:

lost soul

Thankyou all so much. You have given me so much support all ready and the warmth here just ooozes.

You all are amazing!!!

Thankyou xx
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