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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by nolongerknow, May 17, 2012.

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  1. nolongerknow

    nolongerknow Active Member

    G'day troops (guess where I'm from lol).

    I'm really bad with introductions, hell I'm bad with interactions altogether. So I don't want to write my life story here, I have been browsing all sorts of forums for many years. I have just decided I need to at least attempt to connect with others so her I am.

    I am a shy person initially but if asked the right questions or at the right time I can open up quite easily.

    I have been socially isolated for many years now. Certain mental health issues have held me back tremendously in this place we call 'life'.

    I am really just looking for people whom I can relate to and fill at least some part of my existence with some form of interaction. I'd just like to chat and get to know some people, please feel free to ask me about anything at all..and

    for your time
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  2. TheLoneWolf

    TheLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome.

    I'm bad with introductions, shy but open, and socially isolated as well. I wouldn't worry about posting your whole life story, I haven't done that yet either.

    Don't get discouraged if people don't reply right away; I was kind of impatient when I first registered, but they'll get around to replying eventually. There is a chat room here if you're looking to jump right in, though I haven't tried it yet myself. What I can tell you is that there are some very nice people here and a lot of us are going through all kinds of problems, so I'm sure you'll be able to find someone who relates to you. I came here seeking interaction as well, and so far I've found some.

    I don't know whether or not you'd be able to relate to me, but you're welcome to PM me and ask me anything as well (though I can't promise I'll answer EVERY question)
  3. nolongerknow

    nolongerknow Active Member

    Thanks 'Wolf' for your quick (and thoughtful) reply, and I'll try not to get impatient, after all, all I have is time.

    I may PM you if I have some questions or to get to know you better.. Have a nice day
  4. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    hi nolongerknow.. and welcome.. keep heart troop..LOL you sound like me 13 yrs ago when i got tired of hiding from the world.. started on a website like that and slowly over time came out from behind the masks and walls.. it worked..lol take your time and look around at all the forums. hopefully you will get used to this palce and us over time.. chatrooms have some good traffic in them.. forums,, lots to choose from and mostly likely posts there will get some good replys to you..

    hope this place gets to feeling safe and a place where you can just be you and feel comfortable at same time... tc, Jim
  5. nolongerknow

    nolongerknow Active Member

    Thanks mate, It's been a while since I have felt a safe place without fear of judgement. Since my early teens I have been wearing a mask, so to speak. I would have a public persona to live up to. But as soon as I was alone, I was the opposite. Too sensitive and/or fragile. Most people don't understand.

  6. Moonli

    Moonli New Member

    Hi there, this is my fist post on the forum!
    interesting to be talking to someone in Australia. I also have mental health problems that have held me back and have led me to become to very socially isolated. I reckon that is going to be a lot of our problems. Its the duality of the internet, its good points are forums like these, music, films etc online, but also they have stopped people connected properly I think.
  7. nolongerknow

    nolongerknow Active Member

    tbh I am very grateful for the internet. I really don't think I would still be around without it. I have been a forum nut for years, I think of an interesting subject then type it in Google followed by the word forum and wallah! a whole bunch of interesting folks discussing things most people do not discuss in the real world.

    Though I have never participated in or joined any of the aforementioned forums, just reading peoples conversations has helped with depression, loneliness - just watching people interact lol. Plus I am a 'knowledge nut' as well. If in RL someone mentions a subject I don't know too much about, I will research the hell out of it on the internet (I am also an avid library go-er, one of a dying breed).

    But to get back to your point of people choosing internet over real life relationships. It definitely is happening progressively, but I think most people would still choose to go out with friends to a bar or nightclub or even the movies on a Friday night rather than hang out on a Suicide Forum :). And there have always been recluses and people with mental Health issues for centuries. The difference was - those judged as insane lived there lives in asylums as there were no med's back then. And the recluses were just sort of talked about around town and judged as strange. I read a lot of poetry (at least used to, have had a break from it for a couple years), and A LOT of the great poets were all 'recluses' or 'shut-ins' as they were referred to.

    Something that does worry me though is, with on-line gaming. I remember in late primary/early High school getting together with friends and playing 'multi-player' games on Nintendo 64/ Playstation/X-box. Well now with on-line gaming they have stopped including 'multi-player' games, and now the only way to challenge yourself against others is to go on-line and play against people you have never met. And with most of these games there is no communication, you simply kill someone then instantly are switched to a new opponent, and the cycle repeats.

    Now the article I read explaining this change in the multiplayer aspect, suggested the only reason for this is so EVERYBODY who wants to play a game has to BUY their own copy. So in effect you can't go over to a mates and chill while playing against him in your favorite game. Rather, now you buy your own X-Box/PS3, buy the game, set up broadband - now you can play a game against a friend lol..

    I have younger cousins who do this. Rather than hanging out with friends they will set-up a weekend of gaming by texting each-other when they will be logged on, then play.

    I have no idea of what happened to just plain hanging out.
    Though I can't say sometimes I don't wish I had a PS3 - I played Guitar Hero about a month ago an it was pretty fuckin' awesome.
  8. TheLoneWolf

    TheLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    I have mixed feelings about the internet, personally. On the one hand, it has allowed me to learn about things and meet people that I never would have been exposed to otherwise. On the other hand, it's also led to some negative things in my life. It's nice to find a forum like this where people are friendly and accepting, but there are other places on the internet that aren't so friendly, and are in fact downright abusive. I know it's "just the internet" and that I shouldn't take anything that people say personally, since a lot of people tend to be complete assholes for no reason when they're anonymous, but it does still get under my skin if I'm having a bad day already. On top of that, the internet is where I met the woman that I am unhappily married to today. At the time I thought, hey, isn't it great that a loser like me who hasn't had a date or a girlfriend in 5 years can find someone who wants to be with him on the internet! God, what a miserable mistake. Nothing good ever comes from desperation. I think I'd have been better off alone.

    I mostly agree with you regarding online gaming. I play video games, but I don't play them online anymore. I just play solo campaigns in the solitary confinement of my home.
  9. nolongerknow

    nolongerknow Active Member

    ^^ this guy is my pal :)

    "the internet is where I met the woman that I am unhappily married to today"
    I have mixed emotions about this. Sometimes I wish I could be in a relationship with a girl even if it is not a "The Notebook" style perfect relationship..

    "Nothing good ever comes from desperation"
    good things can come from desperation as long as we make the right choices to deal with the situation which has made us completely desperate.. So far - I have not

    Thanks Wolf
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