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Hello Everybody

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Hi I just came to this site for a few days already, registered yesterday, and now I want to introduce myself, so hello...hello...is anybody there, c'mon answer me, oh wait this is a forum not a phone. Silly me.

Anyways, I've been depressed for a while, had some suicidal thoughts here and there, and if you've my read my other thread, life seems to be empty, but after reading the replies, it may not be as empty as you think, since there are people you can empathise with.

Man I'm getting off track, ok so hello, wait I already said that, woops! So I am going to post here and there, and hope to get to know you abit better, so until next time...


jane doe

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welcome to the forum hun, here you´ll recieve the understanding you are looking for. make sure that if you ever need to talk i´m here so you just need to pm me;)
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